Most Awesome Combat Objects Ever Used in Hollywood Movies

Combat Objects Used in Hollywood Movies:

Sometimes a weapon used in a movie franchise becomes more popular and iconic than the protagonist themselves. Unlike the fantasy world, these weapons could be powerless in reality; however, they symbolize a deeper message as well as the saga of the hero it belonged to. These signature tools alone can act as the identity of the movies. Let us know if we missed out on any weapon that is significant to you.

 1. Elder Wand

To be honest, be it Dumbledore’s Elder Wand or Harry Potter’s wand made of phoenix feather, we’d kill to get our hands on any wand that produces power. But in the Wizarding World of Magic, the Elder Wand is deemed as the most powerful wand that could cast magic impossible to produce even by most skilled wizards. Potterheads spend a fortune on purchasing these Elder Wands from the Warner Bros. Studios of Harry Potter World.

 2. Captain America’s Shield

Captain America Rightfully MCU’s Strongest Avenger

One of the most legendary and coveted superheroes belonging is Captain America’s shield. Needless to say that it is constructed with Vibranium, making it indestructible. The Cap is incomplete without the Shield and it would be the most prized possession of every Marvel fan.

 3. Indiana Jones’ Whip

Weapons in Hollywood Movies
Weapons in Hollywood Movies

Maybe we use it the way Indiana Jones does but that can’t deter us from wanting the coveted whip. The bullwhip is his signature tool that inflicts fear among those who have been hit by it. Indy developed a love for whips since he seven years old, making him pretty proficient at it.

 4. Thor’s Mjolnir

Even though only the worthy ones can wield Thor’s hammer in the Marvel Universe regardless of their strength, fans are ready to go any extent to even get a photograph with it. It has to be one of the coolest weapons as even the strongest superheroes can’t lift it unless they prove their worthiness.

 5. Minigun

We were introduced to the super cool minigun in The Terminator franchise which was used by T-800. To be frank, it seems to be so heavy that only someone like T-800 could lift and use it with ease. You don’t need to be worthy but really strong to lift it. It is a rotating gun inspired by the Gatling guns that have multiple barrels. It can rotate at high speed and fire 4,000-6,000 rounds per minute.

 6. Lightsaber

Mark Hamill The Last Jedi

Even a non-Star Wars fan knows how precious the Lightsabers are to the Star Wars saga. Lightsabers are laser swords that are made of a plasma blade. Their sources of power are Kyber Crystal that is rare and scattered across the galaxy. Used by Jedi and Sith, these lightsabers can pierce through any surface and are used in both defense and attack. Every Star Wars fan fantasizes about owning this sword in his/her collection.

 7. Wonder Woman’s Bracelets

The Bracelets of Submission are an essential part of Wonder Woman’s costume. They are made of indestructible metal and used by Wonder Woman as a protection shield from gun fires, missiles, and other ballistics. They also produce a force field to knock down her enemies when she claps them against each other. The functions of the bracelet got revised with every issue.

 8. Gandalf’s Staff

Weapons in Hollywood Movies
Weapons in Hollywood Movies

The staff acts as a wand for the wizard in The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings franchise. It is not the source of his powers but instead acts as a focus or a channel through which the power flows. It is strong enough to knock down any number of foes in one go or even render protection to Gandalf.

 9. Hattori Hanzo Sword

Female Assassins in Movies

One of the most iconic weapons in the Kill Bill Franchise is the sword that belonged to Beatrix Kiddo. It is a Japanese Katana sword that is seen as one of the sharpest and the most lethal blades. Every Kill Bill geek would do anything to have it in his/her collection.

 10. Noisy Cricket

Weapons in Hollywood Movies
Weapons in Hollywood Movies

The Noisy Cricket in Men in Black is a pocket-size weapon that can cause a massive explosion. The alien technology makes it super convenient yet useful. Don’t underestimate its palm-size, for it carries unimaginable powers to generate destruction.

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