10 Hottest Ever Love Interests of Superheroes

3In a superhero film, even the love interest along with the action sequence catches our attention. Be it Batman’s love of life, Rachel Dawes, or Wonder Woman’s love interest, Steve Trevor, these romantic dramas add weight to the emotional part of the film. This list comprises of the hottest girl/boyfriend, husband/wife, or a crush of the comic book heroes. Their hotness level can be based on their intelligence or figure. Most of the names may belong to female characters because the screen hasn’t witnessed many female-led superhero stories yet. Nevertheless, we hope you will agree with the names mentioned below. Here are the 10 most stunning and hottest love interests of superheroes from superhero movies and series.

 1. Blake Lively as Carol Ferris

Love Interests From Superhero Movies
Love Interests From Superhero Movies

Blake Lively is one of the most stunning and wittiest women in Hollywood. She has taken on both poised and savage roles in her career. Even though Green Lantern wasn’t a hit, it projected the perfect Carol Ferris who falls head over heels for Green Lantern. In the comic books, Carol became a supervillain named Star Sapphire after an alien race took over her body. After watching A Simple Favor and The Rhythm Section, we have no doubt that Blake’s performance as an evil character would be on fleek.

 2. Chris Wood as Mon-El

Love Interests From Superhero Movies
Love Interests From Superhero Movies

Mon-El is Supergirl aka Kara Danvers/Zor-El’s one and only love. He was the typical bad boy and womanizer who peeved the good-hearted and virtuous Kara. The two were always at logger-heads for their difference of opinion and we can’t deny how this cute yet ethically challenged guy won our hearts. It was his mischievous personality that Kara and the fans couldn’t resist.

 3. Anne Hathaway as Catwoman

Anne Hathaway had to go through hell and cruel dieting to fit herself in the Catwoman suit. Although it tormented her mentally, her hard work paid off well on the screen. She is, by far the most stunning Catwoman on the big screen. What tricks she used to get the surreal Barbie-like curves are beyond our imagination. Christopher Nolan painted an awesome picture of Selina Kyle for her cunning brain, badass combat skills blended with absolute hotness.

 4. Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter

For those who swoon over the ‘40s fashion, then Hayley Atwell must have stolen your attention. After Agent Carter, Restless, and The Duchess, it is safe to say that Hayley’s style and face belong to period dramas. She looked phenomenal with her signature hat and confidence as Peggy Carter. Black Widow and the Wasp may be the heroes of today, Peggy broke the glass ceiling when the world was largely dominated by men. Total badass! She even made Captain America flinch with her gun.

 5. Chris Pine as Steve Trevor

He is a gentleman from the 1910s and a pilot from World War I. If we could, some of us would have already tied him up with our lasso. Steve Trevor is handsome, charming, and chivalrous in the face of danger. He gave up his life for the greater good. On top of that, the actor who gets to play him is one of the hottest, Chris Pine.

 6. Live Tyler as Betty Ross

Love Interests From Superhero Movies
Love Interests From Superhero Movies

Liv Tyler is everyone’s fantasy and also like a painting that came to life. She brought absolute justice to Betty Ross in The Incredible Hulk by being a fighter herself and not a damsel in distress. Her Betty was high on emotional quotient who fought for Bruce till the end.

 7. Natalie Portman as Jane Foster

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No matter what, we couldn’t keep Natalie out of this list. Jane Foster was a successful astrophysicist and an astronomer whose theory on Asgard came out to be true. Even the high-level government organization, SHIELD had to rely on her research to understand Thor and his universe. Apart from her exceptional intelligence, Jane was fierce and passionate about her goals and feelings. She fearlessly slapped Loki despite being aware of his powers. If that’s not hot, don’t know what is.

 8. Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy

Love Interests From Superhero Movies
Love Interests From Superhero Movies

The only actress who has those rugby-like and animated eyes of Gwen Stacy is, without a doubt, Emma Stone. She is one of the most adorable and most attractive Gwen Stacy on the screen. Not only does her face resemble the character, but Emma also took the pain to understand Gwen and present her with all the depths and shades.

 9. Zendaya as MJ

Some fans protested against Zendaya being cast as MJ but we absolutely love her opposite Tom Holland’s Spider-Man aka Peter Parker. She is cool, weird, and unique in her own ways that we have never seen in any other superhero films. Her laid-back attitude in terms of fashion but intelligence fuelled by curiosity is simply irresistible.

 10. Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts

Gwyneth Paltrow Marvel Cinematic Universe

Tony Stark wouldn’t the Tony we remember today without Pepper Potts. Her patience, savage wit, business skills, and dedication towards her job make her too valuable to be someone’s love interest. Tony is lucky to have a wise, understanding yet funny partner like Pepper by his side. On top of all these qualities, she also looks smoking hot in those elegant dresses.

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