5 Reasons Why Hawkeye TV Series on Netflix is a Bad Idea

Jeremy Renner has expressed his willingness to be part of a standalone original TV series based on the character of Hawkeye, which he has portrayed multiple times in Marvel super-hero movies. He said to the media “I’ve really enjoyed getting to explore the character more recently. The Netflix model is where all the character drama goes to now, you’re doing a superhero movie or a Netflix or HBO kind of model. So I’d be open to it.” As Marvel Cinematic universe expands to 68 characters who will appear in Avengers Infinity Part 1 and 2, every major character is wanting to get more screen time before it becomes outdated.

Here are the reasons why this may be a bad idea:


Hawkeye is a minor character:

Jeremy Renner has played Hawkeye in major Marvel superhero movies, but not even once would you feel that you will miss something had he not been there. He is a sidekick and will always be one. He doesn’t have super-powers like Ironman or Captain America, he is an average Billy next door.

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