Tony Stark Just Got $65 Billion Richer

Iron Man is certainly one of the richest Superheroes across all comic book universes. Black Panther is the richest due to the Vibranium reserves of Wakanda, but Tony Stark comes at number two in Marvel and all other fandoms. His Net worth has been valued at $12.4 billion to be exact. According to, Bruce Wayne follows Tony with a net worth of $9.2 billion. Anyway, Mr. Stark seems to have taken a big lead from Bruce Wayne now.

In the preview of Iron Man #1, Tony Stark has totally left Stark Unlimited behind as he hasn’t just given up control, but he has also sold his shares of the company for $65 Billion. Soon after that, he reinvests $25 Billion in the market but has $40 Billion in the bank! That’s a crazy amount. As Tony goes back to basics in his new run, we should expect tons of amazing new things in his renewed story after he defeated Arno Stark and Sunset Bain.

What’s really funny is the way his transaction happened. Iron Man #1 – written by Christopher Cantwell, drawn by Cafu, and cover by Alex Ross, we see that while Tony is taking care of the villain Terrax, he withdraws his name as a board member and sells all his Stark Unlimited shares. It is the most typical Tony Stark thing one could really imagine! It’s just crazy and absolutely awesome at the same time.

Tony’s reason for stepping away was because Stark Unlimited felt like too much of a baggage. According to him, “machines should be building machines, and he should be focusing on what it is like to be human.” This shows his character growth after fighting for A.I. rights in Iron Man 2020. Let’s see what will Tony do with all this wealth besides making suits.

Whatever he does, he will always remain to be the “Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist” that we all love and adore.

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