Avengers: Infinity War – Nova V Thanos Deleted Scene Revealed by Writers

The Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame roster was so big that we just couldn’t have imagined so many characters coming in all at once. The final battle of Endgame was a dream come true. Kevin Feige said that his entire life’s work has been for that one little “Avengers Assemble” moment, and we can gladly say that it has been the same for us fanboys as well. It was so magical! But still we’re humans and we’re always unsatisfied with something or the other. In this case, fans would actually be satisfied for not seeing Nova, especially when there was a chance of that!

Guardians of the Galaxy Nova MCU

Yes, Nova was going to be in the MCU. Kevin Feige has been talking about a Nova movie for years now, and he actually would have made his debut in Infinity War itself. The Infinity War and Endgame writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely have revealed that in the early drafts of Infinity War, the film would have opened with Thanos destroying Xandar to get the Power Stone.

Avengers: Endgame Nova Corps

Thanos would have completely obliterated the entire Nova Corps who were trying to protect the Power Stone, except leaving one soldier alive, Richard Rider. He would then have taken all the power of the Nova Corps for himself, being the only one alive. And then he’d do the job that the Hulk was put in for. Thanos would not have attacked Thor’s ship first and that would not have led to the Hulk crashing into the Sanctum Sanctorum. It would have been Nova who was the messenger and that would have been his origin.

Here’s what Christopher Markus told The Hollywood Reporter:

“I remember going through several scenarios of Nova. Thanos could come and kill all the Nova Corps, except one guy. Richard Rider, who then becomes … I think in that scenario he became the herald, kind of like the Hulk was [in Infinity War when he crashed into the Sanctum Sanctorum]. Someone who could come out and tell people. We had everything. Literally every variation we could think of or that was sitting there in the comics untapped. With absolutely no value placed next to them.”

Well, as far as we can say, Xandar should have been included in there somewhere. They didn’t do it in Infinity War so many of us assumed that it was purposefully saved for Endgame. Seeing Nova would have been great but not at the expense of screen time for the other heroes that have already been a part of the MCU for so long. We couldn’t have had Nova come in and become this sort of MVP outtanowhere. Ant-Man did that in Endgame but he earned it. He has established himself pretty well, and Nova hasn’t.

So it is okay that we didn’t see Nova in here, but since it has recently been revealed that a Nova movie is now in development, we could expect the plot to be related to Infinity War and Endgame itself. Thanos wreaking havoc on Xandar is surely where Nova gets his origin. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is too full, but who knows if Nova doesn’t have a cameo in there somewhere already. Let’s see what happens.

Avengers: Endgame Directors Captain Britain Namor

Marvel currently has a 5 year plan which involves sequels and some new stories & characters. Nova could be one of them. Here’s what Kevin Feige had to say about all that:

“The slate that we’re building over the next five years [is] not apples to apples. It is two very distinct things and I hope they’ll feel very distinct. But there is a similar mentality going into it, which is ‘How can we continue to tell stories with some of the characters that audiences already know and love in a unique way, in a different way, in surprising way, of which we have a lot of plans and ideas and work already going into it?’ [Then] ‘How can we introduce new characters that even hardcore fans, comic fans, have barely known or barely heard of.’ That’s really exciting too.

Avengers: Endgame Directors Captain Britain Namor

Some of these films will feature characters that you already know. Some supporting characters will assume leading roles, while some new characters will be introduced. The reward for all of these films working is that we get to try to do it again and do it differently and learn from our mistakes and try something we haven’t tried before.”

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