Have The Seeds For Marvel’s Secret Invasion Been Planted by The Avengers?

With the coming of Marvel’s strongest hero, a whole new set up will be created as Captain Marvel will lead the MCU from here on. Since Captain Marvel will be getting this big push into the spotlight, it is highly likely that we will see Marvel’s Secret Invasion storyline get majorly explored. The Avengers have been huge money makers for Disney and Marvel, but it is time to turn to a new leaf.

The end of Avengers 4 will lead us into a totally new era of MCU which we have never seen before. And since Captain Marvel will establish the shape-shifting Skrulls, we will surely see them in the future as well. It is already being rumoured that the Skrulls will have a story arc in Avengers 4 while the major plot will be focused upon Thanos. The Skrulls would probably be there to set up a secret invasion.

This big eight-part comic crossover by Brian Michael Bendis took place after the major events of the Infinity Gauntlet storyline, so we could be seeing this in the MCU as well. Following the big snap of Thanos, the Skrulls would see that half of their population will have turned to dust, and already having a banter with Earth in Captain Marvel, they could return to take their revenge thinking that people of Earth are behind the disintegration of the Skrulls. So, that could dive the storyline of the Skrulls further into the MCU.

Avengers 4 Red Skull

Until now, nothing relating to this major crossover event has been reflected in the MCU, but the latest theory by the Redditor ‘lunch77’ supposes that Marvel Studios already planted the seeds for a big-screen story arc of the Secret Invasion during The Avengers and it actually happened while The Chitauri attacked Earth. Here’s what the theory says:

“Captain Marvel, confirms the Skrulls are a major player in the MCU. Since it takes place in the 90s, that could be when they would begin the timeline for Secret Invasion. I think they’ll go that route but there’s another event that was right in front of us that’s important: The Chitauri Invasion.

What if Thanos made a deal with the Skrulls to let more of them enter the Space Stone portal and sneak into Earth undetected, using the loud, bombastic, in-your-face Chitauri Invasion as a diversion for a highly covert, sneak attack? The Avengers’ attention would have been on Loki and the Chitauri, leaving us highly vulnerable.”

The Kree Skrull Wars of Captain Marvel will be a major cosmic event, and it would be believable if a Galactic Warlord like Thanos who may have his ties with the Kree or even Skrulls could make an appearance. That may lead to this deal of Thanos with the Skrulls and doing that, Thanos actually created a distraction for the Skrulls to slip into our world undetected. The theory continues:

“I’m not saying Avengers 4 will be Avengers: Secret Invasion. I’m not predicting when it will happen. But I personally think it’d be a genius move and help strengthen the MCU if Thanos is still fucking with the Avengers from beyond the grave (assuming he’s killed or worse).

(One more possible hint, the Chitauri are shapeshifters in the comics, and were used in the Ultimate Universe in place of the Skrulls. I remember when I saw The Avengers on opening night and thought it was odd they would use aliens notorious for shape-shifting and never once have them use those powers or even reference it. They were just a generic invasion force. Perhaps it was intentional?)”

The Avengers Marvel's Secret Invasion

Just imagine if many of the Chitauri armies were actually Skrulls and they blended in as and when they got the opportunity! Earth may be doomed if something like that would have happened. Not just the Civilians, but even the heroes and other key members of the MCU could have been switched. Avengers 4 will set up this story arc for sure but if this theory were to have any bit of truth to it, then we may see the Secret Invasion storyline sooner rather than later.

It could happen as a big crossover event like Infinity War, or it may take place in a Captain Marvel movie like Civil War took place in Captain America 3.

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