Avengers 4 – The Journey of ‘Iron Man’ Will Come Full Circle

The Marvel Cinematic Universe originated from three words. These three words rocked the foundations of the moviemaking industry to their core. It was an unprecedented moment in movie history when Tony Stark uttered these three words ‘I am Iron Man’, and everything changed. Suddenly a ‘one-off’ movie that was supposed to end after its limited run on the box office (like so many superhero movies before it) gave birth to an entire franchise of superhero flicks within one massive universe of amazing comic book content. The Marvel Cinematic Universe owes its existence to Robert Downey Jr. and Kevin Feige, unquestionably. It has come to the point, in the present day, that everyone who has ever been part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe agrees that it is a story of Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man.

It is the story of how one man was stuck in a tight situation, a situation that you might call life-threatening, and he chose to fight the evil rather than succumb to it. The stand of Tony against the 10 rings substantiated his position in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it was also what made Iron Man so great. People fell in love with the charisma of Tony Stark during the first Iron Man and then Disney swooped in and saved Marvel studios from bankruptcy.

MCU Marvel Superheroes

By the time Iron Man 2 came out, we were already pretty sure that this thing was going to be much bigger than we originally thought. What then? With Feige taking over the project as Creative Head/President’ we witnessed as Marvel studios churned out the building blocks of MCU Phase 1 and then we held our breath in awe when Marvel’s The Avengers hit theatres. The movie was made exceptionally well. It challenged every idea and preconceived notion we ever held of superhero movies and gave us the delight to watch.

Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man Marvel

The most memorable moment of the first Avengers movie has to be the self-sacrifice play by Tony Stark’s Iron Man. Every fan, upon their first watch, screamed in anguish when Iron Man chose to deliver the payload of nuclear weaponry to the Chitauri mothership himself. Although the Iron Man suit ran out of power and Tony Stark barely fell back into the portal leading to earth, he did destroy the Chitauri mothership. It was glorious. It was the perfect end to Phase 1 MCU. The movie closed every major story arc and character subplot that the MCU started with phase one movies, and that is exactly what a series finale should do and the rest is, as they say, history.

Iron Man

As we all know Tony Stark to be the central figure of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it hardly comes as a surprise that the fandom wishes for a proper tribute to the character now that we are so close to the end of the first major series arc of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The closure of Phase three is to be marked with a soft reboot of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and with some moments that are going to redefine character motivations come in Phase 4 of Marvel movies.

In light of the above facts, Top screen chose to mash together all crucial story points of the Iron Man story throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe and create a 4-minute long montage of Iron Man as he developed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The video is aptly titled ‘I AM IRON MAN’ and it is reproduced below for your scrutiny. Give a watch.

The entire video acts a guide for the un-initiated throughout the events of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We see how Tony took reign of the Stark industries at 21 and then went on to become a super-powered hero who took down the entire terrorist network of one of the sections of ‘the ten rings’. Although Tony never got to dabble with the ‘real’ Mandarin during his adventures as Iron Man the man still did some crazy things in his superhero career and this video is created to showcase exactly those adventures. Everything is here, including the fight on Titan with the Mad Titan.

We only wish that this video becomes even more expansive when Avengers 4 rolls around. We hope to see a revitalised Iron Man at the true end of Phase 3 and we wish that Tony chooses to pass on the mantle to someone worthy of the role. Let’s wait for May 3 and hope for the best.

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