Most Shameless Things Spider-Man Has Ever Done In the MCU

Shameless Things Spider-Man Has Done:

The friendly-neighborhood Spidey is a lovable character. He has had to carry challenges on his shoulders that were too heavy for his age. His perseverance and achievements at such a young age tell a lot about him. It requires a sheer amount of bravery and sincerity to sacrifice one’s youth and dedicate themselves to the betterment of others. While teens of his age are complaining about homework and relationships, Peter Parker goes out there to fight supervillains and save the world. However, Spider-Man is also infamous for his inevitable goof ups. Even though he had good intentions, there are multiple occasions when he messed things up. Some might argue that he’s just a kid but are superheroes allowed to do the things that Spidey is guilty of doing? As we know “With great power comes great responsibility”.

 1. Pestering Happy

Shameless Things Spider-Man Has Done

Regardless of how nice Tony Stark and Happy Hogan were, they were Peter’s seniors and had bigger fish to fry on their plate. Peter badgering the Head of Security, Happy Hogan now and then was absolutely unprofessional. Even though his intention was only to keep a check on new developments and get a new task, isn’t that the case with every intern across the world? However, Peter’s constantly bothering Happy turned out to be useful as he saved the Stark weapons from being hijacked.

 2. Gets Carried Away Mid-War

Shameless Things Spider-Man Has Done

As viewers, we enjoy the little chitchats conducted by Peter at wars. But this casual attitude during a war is unprofessional. It’s no news that Peter has a friendly and optimistic disposition. After all, he is just a teenage boy who is new at these intense wars. Peter not only chats with his teammates but doesn’t spare his foes either. His attempts to lighten the mood can be distracting for both him and his team.

 3. Snatched Cap’s Shield

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Seizing Captain America’s shield right under the nose at Civil War set a badass entrance for Spider-Man. It was Peter’s first-ever war and he wasn’t personally acquainted with the famous Captain America. Peter would have surely mustered a lot of guts to make that bold move against the Cap. To add on to this audacity, he struck a conversation with Steve Rogers right after snatching the shield.

 4. Hacking Into His Suit’s System

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Tony Stark aka Iron Man and Peter’s relationship is that of a typical father and a rebellious teenage son. While Tony comprehends Spidey’s age and tries to keep a watch on him, Spidey resists the limits imposed on him and takes the ownership of his tasks. When Tony had placed security locks on some higher-level features on Spidey’s suit, Peter hacked in to and unlocked all of them. By the time he realized that they were locked for a reason, it was too late. Tony knew that Spidey was too young to use those weapons responsibly.

 5. Ignored Tony’s Orders

Despite Tony’s constant warning against meddling in the weapon-stealing case, Peter unabashedly shunned them and went ahead. But after paying heavily for his ignorance and disobedience, Peter realized that Tony was right. His actions had put more lives in danger and resulted in the ferry splitting in half. His intention wasn’t harmful but his recklessness and lack of strategy resulted in disasters.

 6. Hugs His Mentor Tony Stark

It was hilarious when Peter confused Tony’s opening the door with a hug. Not only did Peter hug his mentor but Tony’s resultant surprised expression made it more awkward and embarrassing for Peter. Hugging your mentor or internship head is super unprofessional. But it’s different for Tony Stark and Peter Parker as they were meant to form a deeper connection in the future.

 7. Relied On Movies For Strategies

Shameless Things Spider-Man Has Done

Another reason why Peter reminds us of ourselves is that he connects his real-life problems with movies. He has referred to fictional movies on so many occasions to find a solution for his real issues which, let’s not forget, deal with life or death. During the Civil War, he successfully borrowed a trick from Star Wars to tackle the giant Ant-Man. Later, he counted on the movie Aliens during the Infinity War.

 8. Disobeyed Tony & Snuck Into Spaceship

Peter leaves no stone unturned when it comes to not failing Tony Stark. He has put himself in dangerous situations so he could join Iron Man and be helpful in his adventures. When Iron Man strictly instructed him to leave the spaceship, Peter obstinately followed him and snuck into their enemy’s ship. On realizing the level of danger he had gotten into, Peter boldly blames Tony for it, only receive a pissed off expression from him in return.

 9. Rejected The Offer To Join Avengers

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The excitement and euphoria while working under Tony Stark had made Peter irrational, stubborn, and reckless. But as he dipped himself in the water completely, did he start to see things practically. Based on his age, experience, and potentials, Peter realized that he wasn’t ready to join the Avengers yet. That’s why he gathered a lot of courage to graciously turn down Tony Stark’s offer.

 10. Doing Impression of Thor

Shameless Things Spider-Man Has Done

Imitating a known person by ourselves or with friends is very common and entertaining. The reason we love Peter is that he is relatable and this incident proved that belief. Peter was happily mimicking the God of Thunder, Thor in front of the mirror, completely oblivious of being recorded by Karen.

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