Most Emotional Moments of Steve Rogers And Bucky Barnes in The MCU

Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes are the Marvel version of “brother from another mother”. Their friendship is no less than a great love story, giving us BFF goals. Steve & Bucky have been best friends way before Steve became Captain America. They have put their own lives in danger to save the other more than once. Blood may be thicker but Steve & Bucky’s bond is stronger even than Cap’s shield. We have recollected some of the best Steve-Bucky moments that prove that they are more than brothers. Here’re some emotional moments of Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes:

 1. When Bucky Saved Steve From A Bully

Bucky loved Steve Rogers even before he became Captain America. The former always had the latter’s back and protected him like an elder brother. Bucky fought bullies who used to tease and bother a feeble and scrawny Steve Rogers. These moments set the foundation of their bond in the first movie, Captain America: The First Avenger.

 2. When Steve Saved Bucky From Hydra

Emotional Moments Steve Rogers Bucky Barnes

We have lost count of how many times these two friends saved each other’s lives. None of them will hesitate to put their own lives in danger for the other. After taking the Super Soldier Serum and transforming into the hunky Captain America, Steve’s first mission was to rescue Bucky from Hydra. Even when no one believed him nor offered him support, Steve didn’t deter from saving his friend.

 3. Fighting Battles Together

Avengers: Endgame Captain America: The First Avenger

Steve and Bucky practically grew up together that made them inseparable since they were kids. And it continued even after they were older and turned over 100 as they fought so many battles together. Starting from teaming up against Hydra in World War 2 in the 1940s to the Infinity War and Endgame, it’s a privilege to have fought the greatest battles by each other’s side.

 4. Being There For Steve After His Mom Died

Emotional Moments Steve Rogers Bucky Barnes

Bucky & Steve were not just friends but each other’s family who could communicate without any words. We realized their closeness when Captain America: The Winter Soldier took us down a flashback. As Steve returned from his mother’s funeral, he was welcomed by Bucky who was already waiting in his apartment with a spare key. Where do you find friends like that nowadays?

 5. Chilling At The Bar

Emotional Moments of Steve Rogers And Bucky Barnes

It’s unlikely to see two big Marvel superheroes outside a battlefield, let alone be at a bar. After watching them constantly fighting in life-threatening situations, it was a delight to have the 2 friends chilling like normal young men at a bar and bonding over. They had their own moment of respite by enjoying drinks and jokes at the bar before their fates separated them.

 6. When Bucky Saved Steve From The River

Bucky and Steve almost had the same fate as each other’s, only Bucky was brainwashed and been turned into Winter Soldier for Hydra. But no matter how great and strong the technology is to brainwash someone, it cannot wipe out love. Even though Bucky had lost himself and his humanity, there was still something left in him that compelled him to save Steve from the river after their brutal fight.

 7. When Steve Gave Up His Shield For Bucky

Emotional Moments Steve Rogers Bucky Barnes

Captain America gave up his life and his love, Peggy, to do his duties for the country. And we also know that there is no Captain America without the shield. But when Iron Man learned that the manipulated Winter Soldier was responsible for his parents’ death, filled with pain and rage, he instantly went to kill Bucky. Cap still stood by his best friend and didn’t hesitate to fight his teammate, Iron Man. And as loyalty is his biggest strength, Captain America didn’t hesitate to return his shield to Tony Stark. He chose his friend over his shield and the Captain America glory.

 8. Their Friendship Quote

Emotional Moments Steve Rogers Bucky Barnes

Having such a great history preserves a lot of memories. One of the best memories consists of the phrase that these 2 friends always used for each other. “I am with you till the end of the line” has become a famous friendship quote today but for Steve and Bucky, it meant more than just a quote. Steve was also able to pull back Bucky from his Winter Soldier phase by reminding him of his humanity with this quote.

 9. Their Fight At The End Of Winter Soldier

Captain America Rightfully MCU’s Strongest Avenger

As Hydra had brainwashed Bucky and turned him into the lethal Winter Soldier, the 2 friends got into a major fight at the end of the movie. While Winter Soldier felt nothing, but for Captain America who remembered everything, it was one of the hardest moments for him to fight his best friend. Even though Bucky was not the same man that he used to be, Steve chose to die rather than kill him. Fortunately, this act of love and sacrifice helped Bucky to come to his senses.

 10. Reunion In Infinity War

Emotional Moments Steve Rogers Bucky Barnes

One of the most treasured moments of Avengers: Infinity War was when the old friend reunited and hugged each other in Wakanda. Bucky was no more Hydra’s Winter Soldier as he was treated in Wakanda. After ages, we saw these best friends on the same side of the line and join forces again to fight a common enemy.

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