10 Things Every Batman Fan Should Know About His Anti-Superman Suit

Taking a direct leaf from Frank Miller’s epic The Dark Knight Returns series, the Anti-Superman suit from Batman vs Superman was the most comic accurate depiction of the armored technology in recent years. The suit had everything. It was made with only one goal in mind – to defeat the strongest living being in the universe. While you may think you know everything there is to know about the Anti-Superman suit, we beg to differ.

10. The Suit was mostly defensive in nature

While many may think the armored suit could help Bats punch Superman in the face, they are not completely right. The suit was made not to hit but get hit. Superman can tear through any armor on Earth and the suit was no exception. But it took time for Superman to break through it, time that was enough for Batman to use his kryptonite gas to weaken him. The news was confirmed by Zack Snyder himself in San Diego Comic Con.

9. The Anti-Superman suit was a powered armor

A fan speculated that the suit made Bruce Wayne 28 times more powerful than an average human being. His findings have been challenged since but the fact that the suit does have an exoskeleton mechanism cannot be neglected. The suit had extremely heavy armor but Batman was still as agile and fast as he could be. The suit’s exoskeleton not only made him quick on his feet but also gave him superhuman strength.

8. The helmet was made of pure titanium and had advanced information processing abilities

The helmet was made of titanium. Titanium is the metal that satellites and space shuttles are made of, that allow them to tolerate the immense heat and pressure while entering and leaving Earth’s atmosphere. The helmet also had extremely potent information processing software that allowed Batman to operate in two modes – Environment mode, which kept him updated about his immediate surroundings during combat, and detective mode.

7. The Anti-Superman suit was never as strong as Superman

It was only after Batman used the Kryptonite gas to reduce Superman’s strength to a fraction of his original strength that the suit could even hope to match him in strength. Even still, Superman was able to thrash him around and rip off a part of its helmet, despite the heavy armor plating.

6. The suit was inspired by Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns

In The Dark Knights Returns, Bruce Wayne is an aged man who has decided to finally go up against the Man of Steel. It is then that he unveils his latest creation, the Armored Bat suit. The one in BVS is actually inspired from and heavily influenced by this suit. So the crybabies who say the suit looked low tech, it was extremely comic book accurate. Take your whining and shove it in a place where no one could ever hear it.

5. Snyder instructed designers to make the suit in ways that made Batman look more intimidating than Superman

Wilkinson, who was credited with designing the suit, said that Zack Snyder personally asked him to make the suit in a way that already enhanced Ben Affleck’s bulky six foot three-inch frame. Not only was the bat suit made to look like he was a massive guy but also the armored suit was made as such as well. The suit had a hidden purpose – make Batman look strong and sturdy enough so that fans would think he has what it takes to go toe to toe against powerful foes like Superman.

4. A close look at the suit’s Utility Belt

Batman’s Utility Belt is one of the most revered superhero objects in comic book history. The suit also featured a version of it. We know that the Bat armor was equipped with Sonic amplifiers, a grenade launcher, wireless signal boosters, and even pouches to hold the Kryptonite gas bombs that helped him defeat the Man of Steel.

3. The Bat-Suit was later put on display in The Justice League’s Bat Cave

After the events of Dawn of Justice, the broken mechanized armor was put on display inside the Bat cave. Fans are still guessing as to why. Some say it is a reminder for Batman to never cross the line, which he almost did when trying to kill Superman. Some say it reminded him that ‘You can’t save the world alone’.  Some say it was just a memento. We will never know.

2. Batman will probably never wear the Anti-Superman suit again

Let’s face it. The suit may look cool but it is incredibly impractical. The clunky armor and the clumsy mechanics make it a bull’s eye for the enemies. That is exactly why when Steppenwolf invaded Earth in Justice League, Batman refrained from wearing it. He opted for a sleek, rather tactical looking version of the Bat Suit that could help him stay fast and within the shadows.

 1. What was it made out of??

10 Things That Every Batman Fan Should Know About His Anti-Superman Suit

We still don’t know what the suit was made out of in Dawn of Justice. The creators never revealed the formula and composition. But that hasn’t stopped the fans from guessing. Some suggest that it is made of an advanced titanium-steel alloy. Lucius Fox was once quoted as saying in The Dark Knight that the Bat-suit was made from Kevlar Armor with titanium dipped tri-weave fiber with fire-resistant Nomex. One fan even claims it is made out of synthetic kryptonite.

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