10 Villains Who Are Crazier Than The Joker

The Joker is a true psychopath and even in his deranged Cynical thinking, he sometimes makes a lot of sense. He is not bound to any moral code and truly acts upon his impulse to whatever he wants to do. Well, you think that he is the craziest of them all? Well, here are some villains who are totally insane and way more crazy and terrible than Mr. J.

Injustice Superman

The writers have done some insane things with the injustice storyline as they made Superman not hold back at all anymore. You would not be able to imagine what all Superman has done in the Injustice storyline. In this storyline, the Joker kills Lois and Superman totally lose control and tracks Joker down, and he murders him in cold blood right then and there. After that, he takes it upon himself to bring the world at peace. The symbol of hope became a Symbol of fear for all. He killed who ever tried to oppose him. SHAZAM tried to stand up to him and got his brain fried by Sups’ heat vision. Superman went all berserk Batman formed an alliance along with some other heroes to stop him for getting true order and Justice.


Well, we are going to see Thanos in the MCU in Infinity War. But we know that the dude is legitimately insane as he wants to annihilate all life from this Universe only to impress the love of his life, Death. Lady Death is the living embodiment of death in the Marvel Universe and Thanos seeks all his power just in order to prove his love and devotion to Death. He is the true Mad Titan.

Green Goblin/Norman Osborn

If you think he is not crazier than Joker, think again. Norman Osborn is an industrialist who gets exposed to experimental chemicals that give him enhances senses, abilities, and intelligence. His main agenda is to get rid of Spider-man. He would go to the lengths that no other villain would even imagine to do. He constantly keeps finding ways to take his revenge on Spidy and for that, he has attacked Peter Parker’s family a number of times after getting to know that he is the Web-Slinger. He killed Gwen Stacy in order to make Spidy pay.


The craziest villain who has no moral code for humanity at all is surely Cletus Kasady aka Carnage. He murdered his grandmother when he was a child and tried to kill his mother by electrocuting her in the bathtub. When he was caught by the police and put in jail, he then met Eddie Brock over there and the two bonded with the respective Symbiotes. After becoming Carnage, Kasady went on a killing spree and started killing just for amusement. The Joker wants to watch the world burn but Carnage is pure evil and devoid of humanity. For him, human life has no meaning.

Red Skull

Johan Schmidt/Red Skull’s agendas are too bold and strong. Joker’s craziness would have no effect on a person like this. He became so evil because of his childhood suffering. Schmidt was an orphan who was filled with anger and when Adolf Hitler saw the anger and hate in his eyes, he took him under his wing. No matter what the timeline is, Schmidt wanted to rule the world and by using the tech of the Nazi scientists, he rose to power and even Hitler started to fear him.

The Phoenix

Jean Grey is the most powerful telepath in the Marvel Universe and when her true phoenix powers were unleashed, she became an unstoppable force throughout the universe. This powerful character consumed the energy of a star and that alone killed billions of inhabitants on a planet. She has killed entire planets and after doing so much of horrifying evil things, the writers had to kill her off to serve true Justice.


Bullseye can turn anything into a weapon by throwing it. Once he killed a man by throwing a single toothpick at him. His marksmanship is unbeatable. He was hired by Kingpin to take out the guy without fear, Daredevil. He then became obsessed with him and wanted to kill him by any means necessary. When he figured that he couldn’t do it, he started killing all of Daredevil’s love interests one by one. He first took out Elektra and then his old and first lover Karen Page. He is a true merc-maniac.

The Purple man

The ones who have seen Jessica Jones would know that this guy has no empathy at all. He has the power to control and make anyone do anything he wants. But because of his childhood abuse and trauma, he turns into a purely evil psychopath who falls in love and gets obsessed with Jessica Jones. He then physically and psychologically abuses her and keeps her as he wishes. Jessica even after knowing what is happening with her cannot stop it. Kilgrave/The Purple Man does not have a moral compass. He does not express any remorse for those he has manipulated and hurt.

Harley Quinn

Most people would say that she and her lover The Joker are the same and that she is just a female version of Mr. J. Well no. The Joker has no societal norms and acts on his reckless impulse which he can’t do anything about. Well, Harley finds that appealing and acts all insane willingly and has total control over it which makes her even more dangerous. She is even crazier than Joker if you think about it.


Deadpool might be a good guy now but he started off as a villain. The Superheroes around Deadpool put him in a medical center in order to heal this deranged mercenary. Well, they didn’t know that the doctor who was overseeing his treatment wanted to use him for his own evil bidding. And this, actually became lethal for the doctor himself and Deadpool’s conditioned became even worse. By using his powers and crazy thinking, he first took out Spiderman and the Fantastic Four and then by using the Pym Particles went on to kill the Avengers. He made Mjolnir so large with the Pym particles that it crushed Thor underneath it.

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