5 Of The Best Performances In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Marvel Cinematic Universe has attained a large collection of talented actors to portray various superheroes on screen. out of which, some performances shine brighter than others do. Here are five of the best performances in MCU:

Robert Downey Jr. As Iron Man:


Marvel Cinematic Universe started after the successful release of Iron Man. Actor Robert Downey Jr. portrayed the real life Tony Stark with such an aplomb that even the most hesitant of critics could not help but be charmed by the actor. Downey had also faced some well publicized struggles with addiction which translated to his performance as a man with issues who changes for the betterment of the world. We’re not saying Downey was the reason for Marvel’s success but Marvel may not have achieved as high a status at such a fast pace without the charm and charisma of Downey Jr.

Chris Evans As Captain America:


Captain America is one of Marvel’s oldest comic book characters. He came from a time when earnestness was a positive trait, so when MCU decided to bring the Captain on board to film, detractors pointed at the flop of past Captain America depictions just not being suited for the new millennium. Chris Evans proved every critic wrong with his portray of Captain America. The actor captured the genuineness of the character along with the body of the character. Every new Captain America film has showcased the complicated nature of the character and Evans has truly shown it with an ease other actors may struggle with.

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