10 Secrets Marvel Has Been Hiding From Us

Marvel Hiding Secrets:

The biggest names often have hidden skeletons in the closet. And you will learn that Marvel is no exception. Despite the worldwide popularity and maintaining the child-friendly comics and movies, the brand couldn’t run away from its own share of secrets.

Read ahead with caution as you might not want to dent your love for Marvel. Go further only if you can take it.

Michael Jackson’s Offer For Marvel

Imagine the legendary MJ doing the Wall Walk instead of the Moon Walk. Long ago, the late pop star made an offer to buy Marvel and also play Spider-Man in a movie. The great Stanley was willing to take the humble offer but the decision wasn’t in his hands and as you know, MJ couldn’t keep his hands on Marvel.

When Thor Destroyed China With Nuclear

If there is one thing that Thor is known for apart from his strength and beer belly, it is his irrational disposition. During his battle with China and the Red Army, the latter released a radioactive man to destroy New York. This prompted Thor to create a Tornado with his hammer that would send the man back to China. He opted for this despite continuous warning that such an attack would wipe out China like a nuclear explosion or in other words, like Thanos’ snap.

When Black Widow Ate Spider-Man

Law of nature tells us that Black Widow Spiders literally eat up their male partners. In Marvel’s What If? series, Black Widow and Spider-Man fall head over heels for each other and get married. But eventually, Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow’s nature forces her to eat up Peter Parker as he was a spider.

Thor, A Nazi

Did you know that the God of Thunder once joined Hydra to expand Nazism? And he wasn’t even mind-controlled! What beats this astonishing news is that Thor had also united with Hitler in The Invaders #32.

Thor Knocked his Sister up

Avengers: Endgame Theory Lady Death

You read it right! This point sheds light on the obscure scandal of Thor and his sister, Hela. There should be a separate article dedicated to the darkest secrets of the God of Thunder.  In Marvel’s Ultimatum series where all the heroes & the villains die, Thor sacrifices himself & reaches Valhalla to save Valkyrie. He then sleeps with Hela and gets her pregnant.

Marvel Allegedly Stole DC Characters

Contrary to popular belief, there are many Marvel characters that aren’t original. You’ll be shocked to learn that some of them were allegedly stolen or copied from DC. The famous Avenger, Hawkeye is actually a rip off of Green Arrow, Deadpool was taken form Deathstroke,  Moon Knight was conveniently copied from Batman and Thanos is inspired from Metron & Darkseid.

Stan Lee Sued Marvel

For us, the legendary Stan Lee will forever be the face of Marvel. But in 2002, Stan Lee sued the brand for a breach of contract that stated that he would be given 10% profit. The verdict went in his favor and eventually Marvel and Stan Lee became synonymous.

Marvel Reportedly Stole X-Men From DC

MCU Phase 5 Marvel The X-Men

As discussed previously the other DC rip off characters, according to sources, Marvel openly stole X-Men too from DC.  If you know about DC’s Doom Patrol, you’ll immediately catch the similarities. Doom Patrol consists of a group of misfits under the guidance of a brilliant man with a disability.

When Marvel Went Bankrupt

Avengers: Endgame Posters Iron Man Captain America

Today Marvel is swimming in a pool of money due to the global success of Marvel Studios and the blockbuster movies. However, back in 1993, the share price of Marvel had plummeted to USD2 a share from USD35. The company was compelled to file for Bankruptcy. An effort to return with Toy Biz and X-Men movies saved their drowning noses.

Offer To Buy DC

Marvel & DC Writers Want Crossover

In 1984 when the market of comics wasn’t doing well in business. Marvel was still enjoying its popularity and some profit, unlike DC. So it made an offer to purchase DC’s ownership rights. But Editor in Chief of Marvel, Jim Shooter, revoked the offer calling DC characters boring and dull.

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