This Weekend’s Box Office Returns of No Time To Die and Venom 2 Are Mediocre

This week’s box office has not been very kind to the movies. The box office returns of No Time To Die are lower than expected. The studio expected that the box office opening of the movie would be earth-shattering, but it has settled onto a less than satisfying number. Why is this the case? Do audiences not like the movie? Or is the pandemic the culprit here like in the case of many of the other movies? Read on as we break it down for you.

Box office mojo reports that No Time To Die has made a total of $313 million as of today. But the bulk of that revenue comes from overseas sales. Especially because the movie was released a couple of weeks earlier overseas. The release of The united states was only his weekend. No Time To Die has made $257 million in overseas theatres and its domestic opening has been mediocre at $56 million. Part of the reason for this is the Covid-19 pandemic.


But another reason is Bond 24’s mediocre reviews. This number is a dip for the series. Spectre made $70.4 million on its opening in 2015 and Skyfall had an $88.4 million opening in 2012. Even No Time To Die was forecasted to make $70 million on its domestic opening, but the movie has come up short. It had a budget of $250 million but has not met the expectations of the studio or the fans. Spectre’s mediocrity and constant delays for No Time To Die since 2019 made people lose interest in the film. So, that explains why it has underperformed. Right now, no one can be sure of what lies ahead for this franchise now that Daniel Craig is out of the picture.


Box Office Returns of No Time To Die

Total global earnings of the movie come up to $313 million at the moment, and that makes it a viable competitor in the market but not the revenue leader. A prudent thing to mention is that No Time To Die has still not reached the Chinese market. China is one of the most lucrative markets for Bond films and the fact that No Time To Die has already covered its budget without China means that the movie still has a lot of potential to make a lot of money. But because of the delays, $1 million interest was piling up on this film every month. So, it has to recover all that money as well. Let’s see what the future holds for this one.


Another movie playing at the box office that managed to beat the opening of No Time To Die with its opening last was Venom: Let There Be Carnage. It made $90 million, which was glorious. But now after the second weekend, the movie has seen a huge dip. Its revenue has fallen by almost 66% this week as it has only brought in about $32 million. This indicates that the movie will not make quite as much as it was expected to. Ergo it will probably not even come close to Venom in terms of total revenue. This is a blow to the studio.


Part of the reason for this is the pandemic and the other reason is that the movie has a relatively short run time. With only 97 minutes of runtime, Venom: Let There Be Carnage was expected to see a dip in revenue but the 66% trough speaks volumes about the reception from fans. We think that after the initial hype fans saw what the movie was doing wrong and the word of mouth quickly made watching the movie redundant. Despite having a better opening, Venom 2 may not make as much as the original. But, there’s still hope as the Chinese market loved Venom.


Venom vs Bond


But the overall aesthetic of the SPUMC has still worked relatively better than the Bondverse, financially speaking. We wonder whether the coming weekends will show similar results in terms of revenue for both of these movies. Considering that No Time To Die still has the china release on the 29th, it is still possible that it may overtake the superhero movie. We cannot be sure but we can speculate. One thing is for sure, the Box office Returns of No Time to Die are disappointing.


We will keep on monitoring the situation and inform you if anything changes significantly. Although we do expect the performance of the movie to improve in the coming weeks, maybe after the china release. Rest assured, James Bond will return. What do you think of our analysis? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!


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