Clark Gregg Pitched a Brilliant Idea For a Phil Coulson Disney+ Series

Clark Gregg as Agent Phil Coulson has been a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe right from its very beginning and has enjoyed every second of his career here at Marvel. The man has been transferred from movies to television and has been called upon again on the big screen in this latest MCU movie, Captain Marvel. In the film, we will see his de-aged version which is honestly, very cute.

Phil Coulson Disney+ Series Clark Gregg

There has been a lot of discussion about Phil Coulson’s future in the MCU and the man himself has stated his take on his character’s future at Marvel. In an interview with Fandom, he pitched an interestingly superb idea about a Disney+ series based on Coulson himself which will focus on the Avengers initiative. He said,

Phil Coulson Disney+ Series Clark Gregg

“My fantasy is that the idea of the Avengers Initiative is born here, but then [Captain Marvel’s] gone. So what kind of horrible superhero dates have me and Nick Fury been on with various clowns and clownettes from around the globe claiming to have powers?” Gregg added. “I really want to see that short. ‘So what does this guy say he does?’ ‘He just never takes a shower. And nobody can get close to him. He can make people faint.’ ‘…I’m going back to the car. You go talk to him.'”

Phil Coulson Disney+ Series Clark Gregg

Gregg also went on to share another idea about an awkward encounter with an Avenger and further added,

“I have always fantasized that poor Phil Coulson walks in, maybe in the early days of Agents of SHIELD. Still in the dark days of realizing he was brought back [from the dead] and feeling kinda bad about it when he’s realizing the Avengers have all been lied to. Then just walking into a deli and bumping into Steve Rogers. Just how ugly that would get very fast. ‘I got some ‘splaining to do.’”

Captain Marvel is now playing in theaters, do watch it.

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