Marvel Studios Rumored to Shoot ‘Shang-Chi’ in Australia

Currently, Marvel’s focus is on this year’s big releases Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home. After Endgame, Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe would end, opening doors for new characters to step-in in Phase 4. Marvel enjoys huge fandom in Asia continent and so, to tap on that popularity and to bring in diversity in the MCU, they’re determined on bringing the Shang-Chi film with all the brilliance they have. And as per new reports, Marvel is aiming to shoot the film in Australia.

Shang-Chi Marvel

Sydney Morning Herald reported that Shang-Chi team is going to head to Australia when the production of the film ramps up. Also, there are reports suggesting that Marvel Studios has granted permission to film this project at Fox Studios in Sydney. Talking about the funding, figures of about $24 million have been doing the rounds. Also, Mitch Fifield who is a Federal Arts minister in Australia said that it’d infuse over a sum of $150 million into the local economy of the country. And, could result in 4,700 new jobs for the people.

Shang-Chi Marvel

A rare comment from Marvel Studios has been collected by The Morning Herald which confirms this report to some extent as the Vice President of Marvel Studios, David Grant told the newspaper,

“[Marvel Studios is] thrilled to be returning to Australia to work with the talented and highly skilled Australian crew, stunt performers and actors, together with the thousands of small businesses across Australia that supply world-class equipment, goods, facilities and services to large budget productions.”

Shang-Chi Marvel

So, there are chances that the filming of this film will start very soon. And after the success of debut movies like Black Panther and Captain Marvel, Marvel sure is waiting close to put this one out as well. Meanwhile, Avengers: Endgame is the next MCU stop releasing on April 26.

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