Believe It or Not: 10 Unexplained Celeb Coincidences in Hollywood

Celeb Coincidences in Hollywood:

Some celebrities of Hollywood have had fates that are too insane to be true. These coincidences seem to emerge straight out of a movie because that’s the only place where it can be possible. However, by defying all laws and logic of life, these surreal coincidences have occurred and left us perplexed. These twists from the lives of famous celebrities are creepy to the bones and unsettling. Talking about their fates leaves us deep in thoughts with goose-bumps. Believe it or not, these incidents will shock you and leave you speechless. Find out the 10 unexplained and strangest celeb stories.

 1. The Superman Curse

Nobody has ever been able to solve the mysterious deaths of the actors who played the DC hero Superman on screen. Even the idea of the role being cursed sounds freaky and bizarre. Superman is one of the most powerful superheroes who is nearly considered invincible and God. But many actors like George Reeves, Lee Quigley and Christopher Reeves dying at a young age have sparked fears among fans over the years.

 2. 27 Club

Celeb Coincidences in Hollywood
Celeb Coincidences in Hollywood

In the ‘60s and ‘70s, a fear had sparked in the show business surrounding the stars hitting 27. Since then, the industry has witnessed an alarming number of young stars’ death exactly when they were 27. Artists like Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain, etc. passed away at the same age.

 3. Andrew Keegan and Allison Mack

The two stars of the forgotten movie Camp Nowhere will be remembered in history for their crimes. Both Andrew and Allison starred in the movie as kids who went on a camp. But in the later years, these actors joined organizations that were involved in illegal activities. Andrew founded a “spiritual group” called Full Circle which was later raided by the FBI for selling kombucha without a license. Mack, on the other hand, joined an organization called NXIVM, a marketing agency that promised career success for executives. We don’t know why but she also tried to convince Emma Watson twice to join her as NXIVM worked on “human development and women’s movement”. The firm was also busted for human trafficking and forced labor.

 4. ‘The Omen’ Crew

Even before the filming began, actor Gregory Peck’s son committed suicide. It was followed by a series of unfortunate events as the actor and the executive producer’s plane were struck by lightning. Even the animal trainer on the set was killed by his tiger after the shooting. Another freakish incident that shocked everyone was when the special effects supervisor who worked on a decapitation scene met with an accident that beheaded his fellow passenger.

 5. The Passion Of The Christ

The Passion of the Christ was already a subject of controversy for parties who were against the idea. More serious woes were added to their existing concerns when the shoot began. It’s not a question of believing in certain things or not, but the coincidence that grabbed many eyes. The actor Jim Caviezel who portrayed Jesus Christ suffered an unimaginable amount of medical problems. He caught pneumonia and dislocated his bones on the sets. But the worst was when lightning hit him while shooting the Sermon on the Mount.

 6. Anthony Hopkins’ Book

Anthony Hopkin was desperately looking for a novel by George Feifer that inspired his movie “The Girl from Petrovka”. After several failures, he finally came across the novel on a bench. After a few years, Anthony discovered that the book he found belonged to its author who lost it a long time back.

 7. Poltergeist Actor

The real-life stories of the actors involved with one of the scariest horror films are just too hard to process. Many actors who worked in the movie series had either mysterious or untimely deaths. Heather O’Rourke was merely 12 when she died of a septic shock due to a neurological disease. Other actors like Julian Beck and Will Sampson passed away due to medical illness while Dominique Dunne was murdered by his former love interest.

 8. James Dean’s Porche

Celeb Coincidences in Hollywood
Celeb Coincidences in Hollywood

The late actor James Dean was warned by actor Alec Guinness’s prediction that he’d die in a car crash the following week. It was a new Porche 550 Spyder that not only took James Dean’s life for real the next week but also mentally affected his co-passenger, Rolf Wutherich who eventually died while drunk driving. It is also believed that the man who hit Dean that day also died of cancer and the people who bought the customized parts of the car later also got involved with unfortunate events.

 9. Bruce Lee and Brandon lee

The iconic men Bruce Lee and his son Brandon Lee had an untimely death. They were both young and on a rising curve in their career. However, many fans have noticed the uncanny connection between their deaths. In Bruce Lee’s incomplete movie “Game of Death” released in 1978, his character was shot on a movie set with a gun which was confused with a prop. His son, Brandon met the same fate in real life as he was shot on the set of “The Crow” for the same mistake.

 10. The Oscar Love Curse

Celeb Coincidences in Hollywood
Celeb Coincidences in Hollywood

Oscar is the most coveted recognition and award in the world of cinema. But many people believe that the respected award is cursed. They have observed that about 40 Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress but a few exceptions since 1935 have undergone breakups or divorces in their relationships. Whether it’s a superstition or if misfortune really befalls upon them is unclear. Another Oscar Curse belief that floats around is that whosoever wins the prestigious award witnesses a decline in his/her career.

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