All Major Marvel Characters Arriving in MCU’s Halloween Special

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has seen its share of weirdness. Starting from Phase 1 itself we’ve received absurd villains like Red Skull and Loki. Villains that have no place in reality and act as nightmare fuel for the audiences. But it seems that Marvel wants to take this entire thing one step forward. We are referring to MCU’s Halloween Special which has been in the works for quite some time. Marvel Studios has never officially admitted to producing such a show and still denies its existence even after the release of sensitive information. We already know some of the cast and the characters of the show. Yet, the executives want to maintain plausible deniability in front of the audience.

Regardless, let me tell you what I know then we can talk about the news we have for you today. You see, the Halloween special was supposed to be directed (has already been directed) by Michael Giacchino. Marvel seemingly wanted to bring some horror into the MCU and commemorate Halloween the best they could. But that was the only time we heard anything from the studio. Everything else we know about the show is from rumors and speculation. It was said that the show would be based around Werewolf by night and he would be the titular character. A little while later Elsa Bloodstone was also added to the cast of the show but Marvel still chose to deny everything.


MCU’s Halloween Special

Now industry insider Lizzie Hill at the Cosmic Circus has found out that the show has added another monster to its cast. Lizzie says that the Halloween special will also have Man-Thing in it. Man-Thing is a character from Marvel comics who has a design that is reminiscent of Swamp-Thing from DC comics. This monster is the guardian of a swamp that is said to be the nexus of all things. We suppose that this very swamp could be the Mcguffin of the show. MCU’s greatest asset is its interconnectedness.


So it is possible that they will use the swamp and the character to inject familiar faces into the MCU. We cannot know whether it will actually happen, but amuse us for a second. If Man-Thing and his swamp are truly a part of the show then things might be getting crazier than we previously thought. It is highly likely that Moon Knight might have some connection to this show. Moon Knight may end in the victory of Khonshu at the cost of self-sacrifice, like jumping into a portal. If that happens, it is highly likely that the next time we see Marc/ Steven, it would be in this creepy Halloween special.


MCU’s Halloween special

Man-Thing’s swamp is an all-purpose magician’s hat. You can pull anything out of it and go anywhere you want through it. Moon Knight may show up in the Halloween special and stay till the end to constitute a version of Midnight Sons in the MCU. But for that to happen there has to be a villain to battle. Maybe the ending of Moon Knight will not be as happy as we expect it to be. It is more likely that there will be a violent reckoning between Ammit and Khonshu and there will be no clear winner.


The Future

No one might win, but such a conflict between Gods will shake the multiverse to its core. Things will unravel and whatever comes out of the woodwork will become the next threat in the MCU. The Multiverse of Madness and Love And Thunder will set the tone for the multiversal war and shows like Werewolf By Night will help us tell more surreal stories. Any comic fan worth his salt knows that the more eccentric the story the more fun it is. I mean, look at The Killing Joke and Watchmen for instance.


We hope that MCU’s Halloween special will be scarier than your average MCU content and that it will open doors for different kinds of stories in the MCU.

Let us know what you think of this theory and our analysis of it down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood.


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