Is Neil Patrick Harris The Main Villain of Matrix 4?

The next installment in The Matrix series is set to release later this year. The franchise has seen a significant shift in tone from the philosophical overtones of the first to more action-oriented sequels. Where The Matrix succeeded in capturing its audience, Reloaded and Revolutions failed to live up to the standards of the original. So much so, that the fans have regularly chastised the approach of the sequels. Now with The Matrix: Resurrections on the horizon, there are a lot of speculations about the story. We have a new theory on the main villain of Matrix 4, read on to find out.

The Matrix Facts About Agent Smith

The Matrix movies garnered such praise because in all three of the movies all the characters went through significant character development. Neo went from being a shut-in hacker to a master martial artist and savior of the human race. Morpheus went from being a blind believer to an open-minded guide. Trinity was always more than a damsel in distress, she became the person to protect from being the protector herself.


Similarly, Agent Smith went from being a mindless drone to a complete viral infection in the network of the machines. That was his arc just like becoming the savior was Neo’s arc. That is what makes a story good, A good villain. If the antagonist never grows then the stakes don’t change but The Matrix franchise overcame this difficulty long ago. We have similar hopes from the main villain of Matrix 4.


Neil Patrick Harris

Along with the returning cast of Keanu Reeves as Neo (most likely) and Carrie-Anne Moss’ Trinity (most likely, there are a plethora of newcomers in the series. This includes Neil Patrick Harris as an Agent (rumored) and Yahya Abdul Mateen as Morpheus (rumored). A new theory suggests that the character played by Neil Patrick Harris will actually be the main villain of Matrix 4.


The theory talks about how the trailer and the promotional material have been rather vague about the character details of Neil Patrick Harris and Jessica Henwick in the fourth installment of The Matrix franchise. The overarching belief is that Neil Patrick Harris is the Main villain of Matrix 4. This theory stems from his cold indifference in the trailer.


The trailer showcases Neil Patrick Harris as a psychiatrist who guided Neo through his post-trauma stress. This composed persona suits NPH and showcases the range of the actor. He is calculating and deliberate with his words and he does all of it with calm and stoic indifference. This means that all of his words are weighted to get a particular response out of Neo.


Questions From The Matrix 4 Trailer

There is a theory floating on the interwebs which suggests that Jessica Henwick is actually playing the new “One.” This may be why the machines are using a calm and calculating Agent like Neil Patrick Harris to breach the consciousness of Neo in order to extract information about the new threat. But what do the machines want with this information?


Main Villain of Matrix 4

The Machines are expected to be at peace with the humans after the final battle of Matrix: Revolutions. So the real question is why would they choose an agent to go after Neo or extract information about the one? Well we have a theory about that too and it is one in which Neil Patrick Harris fits perfectly.

Consider this for a moment, the machines did choose to honor the truce with the humans for a long time but soon they had to make a choice. Do they let the humans wake up and lose their power source or do they destroy the little resistance from the weak beings and continue to run the planet as the dominant species?


Understandably the mechanical overlords may have chosen the latter option. This would have led to an uprising from Zion that would have been rather easy to suppress for the machines. They always had the humans outgunned the ceasefire was only to respect Neo’s sacrifice. But the breach of trust would have resulted in old programming taking hold and the advent of a New One.


Although the machines may have a fair idea of this One’s existence they still would not be able to control her or approach her. So they clone Neo and deploy Neil Patrick Harris to extract information from the clone who is plugged into the Matrix. This would make NPH a villain to be envied. Do you think this theory is feasible? Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC and Hollywood.

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