15 Crazy Details About Loki Fans Spotted In MCU Movies

As we have said before, you can love or hate Loki, but you can never ignore him. In the MCU, Loki has definitely marked his territory as a villain who is notorious and always after his brother Thor. In the wake of recent events, Loki is coming back with his very own Disney+ series. Ever since the proper look at the teaser was revealed, hardcore fans have dived into it to find easter eggs and reveals. Here are some of the interesting developments that have been seen by fans after seeing the Avengers movies. I mean, nothing gets past Marvel fans.

1. Heat Temperature Reveals His Nature As A Frost Giant:


A Reddit user u/cp_r0bb said that “In The Avengers, there is a small screen showing the heat signature in the room where Loki is being held which shows that he has a cold body temperature because he is a frost giant.” A very interesting observation.

2. Ravens Follow Thor and Loki While On Earth:

Another Redditor u/TheRealToast revealed that, “In The Avengers when Thor and Loki argue on the mountain top, two ravens fly by. In Norse mythology, Odin has two ravens, Huggin and Munnin, who watch over Earth for him.” Wow!

3. Lunging to Save Thor In ‘Infinity War’:

From Redditor u/GalaxyBejdyk:

“In Avengers: Infinity War, right when Hulk attacks Thanos, Loki leaps at Thor, protecting him with his own body while moving him out of the way, and drops the Tesseract, like nothing. Easy to miss in the midst of all the action, but it is an important moment showing the growth of Loki’s character.”

So we can claim that finally in the end, Loki proves his love for his brother as well.

4. Thor Kept A Lock Of Loki’s Hair After He Was Presumed Dead:

From Redditor u/emperorkrek:

“Thor kept a lock of Loki’s hair plaited into his own after his “death” in The Dark World.”

Now, this doesn’t come as a surprise. No matter what the history is, Thor loves his brother and he strongly believes in the concept of ‘family’ and can do anything to protect his loved ones.

5. Odin’s Children All Unsheathe Their Swords The Same Way:

From Redditor u/BaneWilliams:

“In Thor: Ragnarok, Thor, Loki, and Hela all unsheathe their blades in the same way, paying homage to their upbringing.”

Like father like son, and daughter as well. This proves that Odin’s children are all trained the same way.

6. Hulk Clenches His Fist As Loki Walks By:

From Redditor u/GirthWindNFire:

“At the end of Thor: Ragnarok, Hulk clinches his fist when he sees Loki up close for the first time since beating him senseless at Stark tower in the original Avengers. He saw him only from a distance earlier in the movie.”

Hulk is dangerous but also very adorable. Now cmon, how can we ever forget his most infamous dialogue, “Puny god.” Hilarious!

7. Heimdall Glances At Loki When He Mentions The Enemy

From Redditor u/Computermaster:

“In Thor (2011), when speaking to Thor about how an “enemy has never slipped my watch,” Heimdall momentarily glances at Loki.”

At times, all you need is an expression to make the scene a whole lot better.

8. Loki Never Tries To Pick Up Mjolnir While Impersonating Odin:

From Redditor u/LordNedNoodle:

“In the end of Thor 2: The Dark World, while Loki is impersonating Odin he lets Thor keep Mjolnir. This is because unlike the real Odin, Loki was not worthy and trying to take it would have blown his cover.”

Not only mischievous, but he is also smart.

9. Loki Did Turn Thor Into A Frog Once:

From Redditor u/LeapingWyvern:

“In the TV show, Ultimate Spider-Man, Thor is turned into a frog by Loki and during the play in Thor: Ragnarok, Loki apologizes for doing so.”

Also, Loki once turned himself into a snake because Thor loves snakes. When Thor picked the snake up, Loki transformed back to his normal self and stabbed Thor. They were eight at that time.

10. He Brags To The Sakaarians About Events That Happened In ‘Thor’:

From Redditor u/CJNC:

“In Thor: Ragnarok, Loki is telling Sakaarians about his fall in Thor 1.”

Look at him brag like he’s truly a peoples person.

11. Banner Starts To Hulk Out When Loki Agrees To Team Up In ‘Ragnarok’:

From Redditor u/scoutnemesis:

“In Thor: Ragnarok, part of Bruce Banner’s ear turns green when Loki offers to team up with them.”

Oh god, the hate is so real!

12. Friga’s Funeral Music Plays During Loki’s ‘Death Scene’ In ‘Ragnarok’:

From Redditor u/StormfistMusic:

“In Thor: Ragnarok (2017), during the play depicting Loki’s “death” on Svártalfheim, the music is the same as the music in Frigga’s funeral in Thor: The Dark World (2013).”

Drama is Loki’s niche.

13.  The Dagger Loki Uses To Stab Thanos Was In His Hand The Whole Time:

From Redditor u/ACrossoverEnthusiast:

“During the opening of Infinity War, Loki attempts to stab Thanos with a dagger that appears in his hand. It turns out that he was holding the dagger the entire time, just kept it invisible.”

We see we see. Loki had plans all along.

14. Loki Was Right Since The Sun Does Indeed Shine On Thor Again:

From Redditor u/Galvinator93

“Loki tells Thor in Infinity War “the sun will shine on us again,”  and later in the movie, a sun shines directly on Thor while forging Stormbreaker.”

It is love all over again.

15. Matt Damon Has Played A Character Named Loki Twice:

From Redditor u/That-Scifi-Nerd:

“In Dogma (1999), Matt Damon plays Loki, and in Thor Ragnarok (2017), Matt Damon plays Loki.”

Loki is unbelievably amazing. Let us know what more have you noticed!

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