Interesting Details About Vision in The MCU That You Missed

Details About Vision in MCU:

Vision is one of the most powerful and most righteous superheroes in the Avengers. His high morals and principles will even give Captain America great competition. Even though he is an android created by humans, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, his integrity and humanity act like a beacon of hope for mankind. Human becoming an entity of his own, Vision used to be the artificial intelligence, Jarvis, for Tony Stark. He is not only one of the most powerful heroes of Marvel but is also worthy of lifting the Mjolnir. Even though he is a fan-favorite character in the movies, it’s the comic book fans who know him the best. Marvel Cinematic Universe is excellent at hiding fascinating details and Easter eggs that the vigilant and diehard fans have to dig themselves. These fans have carefully watched and rewatched the movies to spot the things that are invisible to non-fan eyes. Find out the interesting details about Vision in the MCU that you missed.

 1. Ultron Predicted His Own Death

Vision said a very profound line in Avengers: Age of Ultron when he said “everyone creates the thing they dread”. He actually says this in reference to his and his creator, Tony’s relation. Tony was the creator of Ultron but after gaining his own conscience, the android chose his own path and devised a diabolical plan to wipe out the mankind that made him.

In this process, Ultron created Vision’s body so he could take the form of Vision. Ironically, Vision became the protector of mankind after the Avengers stole him and ended up destroying his creator, Ultron.

 2. Vision Was Named After Thor’s ‘Vision’

Ever wonder why Vision was named Vision? In the Age of Ultron, Thor made a grand entrance and juiced-up Vision’s cradle with lightening power.  It was his profound moment in the lake that influenced Thor to “create” Vision with his hammer. He explained his action by linking it to his “vision”. He said, “I’ve had a vision. A whirlpool that sucks in all hope of life and at the center of it is that”.

 3. Vision Can Use Thor’s Power

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Thor’s Mjolnir can be used as a weapon to destroy and create. Since Vision was created from Thor’s lightning, it seemed that he also inherited some of Thor’s mighty powers. That’s why in the Age of Ultron when Vision hit Ultron with the hammer, a flash of lightning emerged from it. However, the blue light could have also been an impact of the hammer hitting Ultron’s Vibranium body. The same blue light had emerged when Thor slammed Captain America’s Shield in The Avengers. But Vision can basically be called Thor’s son and that’s why he could lift the Mjolnir. On the other hand, Tony mentions that he reconfigured JARVIS to turn it new and upload it in Vision. So, even if we look from that point of view, being new makes Vision naïve and worthy of the hammer as he “was born yesterday”, as said by him at the end of Age of Ultron.

 4. Vision Holding A Rook

Details About Vision in The MCU
Details About Vision in The MCU

Vision is pretty philosophical for an android. He is always analyzing and calculating how he impacts the world or what role he played in a situation. In Captain America: Civil War, Vision was seen watching the chessboard with a rook in his hand. He was relating himself to the Rook, contemplating how it impacted the war in real life. Rook is also the only non-living thing in chess.

 5. The Back Of Vision’s Head

Details About Vision in The MCU

If you look at the back of Vision’s head carefully, who does it resemble? You guess it right! The mark on his head resembles Ultron’s face. It signifies the fact that Ultron created Vision with the intention of taking over his body.

 6. Captain America’s “Hand” In Ultron’s Death

In the last scene of Age of Ultron, Vision gets the winning points for killing the last Ultron Bot that carried his interface. This bot had somehow survived the battle and the explosion of Sokovia. It was the same bot at whom Captain America threw his shield and ripped its shoulder.

 7. Vision’s Face Hardens

Vision can not only phase through solid matter but can also amplify his strength when needed. In Captain America: Civil War, when Hawkeye tries to take Wanda with him, his plans thwarted by Vision. This leads to a physical battle between the two Avengers. In some scenes, Hawkeye uses his sword-like weapons to hurt Vision which he phases through. But in some, Vision simply hardens and breaks Hawkeye’s tools. While hardening, fans noticed visible creases on Vision’s head and face.

 8. Vision Can Alter His Density

Vision can manipulate his mass and density which allow him to take flights or phase through solid objects. That explains the hardening creases on his face which appeared when he tried to alter his mass to achieve toughness and durability. Wanda used this as a Vision’s weakness and influenced his mass density against him before fleeing in the Civil War.

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