Top 5 Dumbest Alien Weaknesses in Movies and TV series

Aliens may hail from out of this world, but they still have to follow some sort of logic. Some of the Science fiction have the ridiculous things that aliens have been vulnerable to. Here is the list of top 5 Dumbest Alien Weaknesses in Movies and TV series.

1) Salt in “First Wave” (1998-2001)

FIRST WAVE, Sebastian Spence, Traci Lords, Rob Labelle, Roger R. Cross, 1998-2001

This Canadian sci-fi series established the power of the Gua from the beginning, these aliens came to earth captured humans for their experiments and made the plans to take over the world. Therefore there is a surprise to learn that one of their weakness is the commonly found mineral we know as salt. Watching Gua be harmed by simple mineral is hard to believe.

2) High-Pitched Sound in “2001: A Space Travesty” (2000)

This sci-fi spoof isn’t exactly a shining star on Leslie Nielsen’s resume but one specific alien death takes the cam penis to the next level. It’s a story jam-packed with aliens, Terrorists, and clones. The high note is enough to hurt anyone’s ears, however, it does more than that to be alien holding the giant weapon, she’s transformed from her human form back to her extraterrestrial appearance and is sent floating around the theater.

3) Crotch Shots in “The Watch” (2012)

The Watch is a critically panned comedy. Their quest the crew ultimately discovers that the aliens are located in the most unlikely of places, their crotches. And their weakness is their dick.

4) Ecstasy-Like Drug in “The Faculty” (1998)


One of the most unsuccessful teen horrors flicks of the nineties. Aliens are in control of an Ohio High school and it’s up to a diverse group of students to stop them. The students figure out that aliens need water to survive and if they inject them with a homemade ecstasy-like drug, they’ll dry up and die.

5) Head and Shoulder in “Evolution” (2001)

The humans in this sci-fi comedy certainly use Head and Shoulder shampoo when they realize that the shampoo uses selenium disulfide as an ingredient and that could be poisonous to Nitrogen based aliens.

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