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10 Best Superhero Origin Movies We Love To Watch On Repeat

Marvel and DC have introduced a large number of superheroes on the big screen. Some of them were introduced alongside other popular superheroes. Two good examples here are War Machine beside Iron Man and Falcon beside Captain America. A few others have also been introduced in the same way. The fact is that as die-hard fans of comic book adaptations, we deserve to know their origin story. The best part about origin stories is that we get to know more about the superhero and where he comes from and the way he got his powers. Now let’s look at our list of the best superhero origin movies.

1. Black Panther (2018)

A standalone movie of Black Panther was released in 2018. The film follows T’Challa’s journey on Wakanda and how he eventually becomes a king of the most developed country in the world. T’Challa’s throne is challenged by his long-lost cousin Erik Killmonger. T’Challa has then stripped off his powers and left for dead. Killmonger plans to distribute Wakandan technology around the world for developing weapons. T’Challa’s journey of reclaiming the throne with a lot of action makes it a perfect origin story.

2. Spider-Man (2002)

The first Spider-Man trilogy directed by Sam Raimi is still considered the best. It followed the true origin story of Spider-Man. We get to see Peter Parker as a normal college-going student and his classmates laugh at him except Mary Jane. He is bitten by a radioactive spider and acquires superpowers. But this also develops a tangible father-son dynamic with Uncle Ben that culminates in his death. Tobey Maguire’s take on Peter Parker was so authentic and genuine, that even Tom Holland could not match up to the same in his MCU debut.

3. Batman (1989)

Tim Burton’s Batman proved that superhero movies can bring a lot of revenue for the production studio. The film was perfect as an origin story of Batman since Michael Keaton’s understood nuance and dry humor made him the perfect actor to play Bruce Wayne. The opening scene of the film was an action sequence. The film then progresses with a few flashbacks which reveal that Bruce’s parents were killed by Joker. It managed to tie the main hero-villain conflict into the backstory. Before the release of the film, Warner Bros. also received a lot of complaints related to the casting of Michael Keaton as Batman.

4. Wonder Woman (2017)

Best Superhero Origin Movies

After the debut of Wonder Woman in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, the character was given a perfect origin story in the following year. Diana’s home Themyscira is a world that is only for women and no men are allowed The story takes a turn when an American pilot crashes on the hidden island and Diana is drawn into a battle amidst World War I. Scenes like the No Man’s Land sequence and a villain that looks like the concept of war, Wonder Woman is one of the best superhero movies to date.

5. X-Men: First Class (2011)

Marvel’s X-Men franchise has gone through a lot of ups and downs. But despite that, 2011’s X-Men: First Class was a huge hit. It was a complete reboot and an origin story of the mutants. It was set in the 1960s and follows the origins of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters along with his love-hate relationship with Magento. The Cuban Missile Crisis was also included in the plot and the mutants were seen wearing yellow spandex suits on the big screen. The movie has a brilliant cast like James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, and Jennifer Lawrence, and a few more great actors.

6. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)

2018’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was another attempt by Sony to offer us another origin story of the web-slinger. The animated film follows Miles Morales who is bitten by a radioactive spider and has to balance his life as a superhero and a normal boy. The filmmakers brilliantly included Jake Johnson’s Peter B. Parker, a veteran crimefighter who has become burned out with superheroism along with Miles Morales, who has just got his superpowers and started using them.

7. Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

Captain America: The First Avenger is another movie that shows the origin of a superhero in the best way after Spider-Man. We get to see that Steve Rogers was a normal man who is rejected for World War II military recruitment because of his health and physical problems. He is then recruited for a super-soldier experiment under Abraham Erskine who heard Rogers saying that he wants to represent his country in the war. The film gave us our first and oldest Avenger and explored how he becomes a superhero. That’s what makes it a perfect superhero origins movie.

8. Iron Man (2008)

Best Superhero Origin Movies

2008’s Iron Man was the beginning of the MCU. Robert Downey Jr. was not so popular before the release of this movie and this made people consider Iron Man a B-tier character. But now he is considered as the icon of MCU. The film explores the life of billionaire Tony Stark who builds his suit following his captivity by a terrorist group. The film included the story of decades-old comics based on the character Iron Man along with the contemporary conflict in the Middle East. With this film, we got to know the man inside the mechanized suit and how he developed it on his own.

9. Deadpool (2016)

After his appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Ryan Reynolds finally appeared in a standalone Deadpool movie in 2016. The movie followed two parallel storylines. The first one was about the character’s origin story and the second was about the character trying to take his revenge on the people responsible for his condition. Deadpool is seen directly talking to the audience and jumps all over the story timeline. So Deadpool is the best as well as an entertaining superhero origin movie.

10. Batman Begins (2005)

The Dark Knight trilogy of Christopher Nolan featuring DC’s Batman is considered as one of the best trilogies. The trilogy starts with Batman Begins. The best part about the first movie is that it explores deeper into the origins of Batman in comparison to other Batman movies. The film explores and informs us about how the Caped Crusader got his fighting abilities and the arsenal of gadgets. The trilogy had Christian Bale in the lead role that made it worth watching.

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