10 Celebs Who Were Born With Unbelievable Birth Defects

Celebs Born With Unbelievable Birth Defects:

Remember Chandler Bing’s third nipple on Friends? Well, most of us were born with flaws that others might have never heard of. Perfection fits only on the screen or ‘social-media’ but in real life, celebs are no different from common people. Birth defects are widely seen amongst us including famous people. However, some of these are not necessarily defects but are unique features that set the stars apart. Brace yourselves as some of these are pretty crazy and may astonish you. Find out the 10 celebs who were born with unbelievable birth defects.

 1. Harry Styles

Talking about Chandler Bing, even Harry was born with this strange feature. But we guess that doesn’t matter given how much we anyway fell in love with Chandler despite his 3rd nipple. But Harry beats Chandler in the number of nipples. The handsome singer was born with four of them. Harry says that he could have had an unborn twin who left those behind.

 2. Joaquin Phoenix

Now it is pretty ironic that the actor who played Joker has a defect on his upper lip. Do not confuse the mark on Phoenix’s mouth with Joker’s scar. The Oscar-winning actor has a minor split on his upper lips since birth.

 3. Megan Fox

The sensational and absolutely perfect Megan has a tiny-tiny defect. Literally tini-tiny! She has Brachydactyly which is the inheritance of short bones. That explains Megan’s short and stubbier thumb that looks similar to a toe.

 4. Ashton Kutcher

Ashton may have a flaw but he embraces it full-on confidence. He says that “When everything else is this good-looking, something has to give.” The No Strings Attached actor was born with webbed toes. Now that’s bizarre and slightly mystical!

 5. Jennifer Garner

There is rarely anyone who hasn’t fallen for Jennifer’s smile that takes our minds off everything. But the ‘13 Going 30’ actress has a minor flaw called Brachymetatarsia which causes her pinky toe to overlap with the other toes.

 6. Elizabeth Taylor

The iconic Elizabeth was one of the most beautiful women to ever star in Hollywood. Even her so-called birth defect acted as a beauty enhancer and eye highlighter. The legendary beauty was born with distichiasis where a person grows extra eyelashes. That definitely saves the expenses on eyelash extensions.

 7. Kesha

Can’t say whether it’s a defect or not but the news definitely exploded our minds. Believe it or not but Kesha was born with a tail. She once shared “It was a tiny tail, about a ¼ “ then they chopped it off and stole my tail“.

 8. Halle Berry

“I love myself from my head to-ma-toes”- Unknown. That’s something the A-list actress might feel about herself due to her little unique characteristic. It’s no news that she was born with 11 toes. This is called polydactyly. Growing an extra toe didn’t affect the Oscar-winning actress’s life at all.

 9. Gemma Arterton

Gemma has many unique and fascinating quirks. She was born with six fingers on each hand that she’s very proud of. However, according to reports, the Bond actress underwent procedures to get these fingers removed later. She also added that she was born with a crumpled ear which she fixed later with surgery.

 10. Kate Bosworth

The Blue Crush actress has a prominent feature in her eyes. Kate was born with heterochromia which is, as the name suggests, variation in eye colors. It gives different colors to the iris due to the high concentration of melanin.

As you can see, these are not necessarily defects but mere attributes that make these famous stars unique. However, it is also to be noted that the so-called oddities didn’t leave any impact on or change their lives in any way. Do you share any of these strange birthmarks with the celebs? Let us know!

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