14 Impossible Things That Can Only Happen In Movies and TV Shows

We don’t seek logic in movies and TV shows because they are supposed to be fiction. However, sometimes they take too much liberty in fooling the audience with anything. For instance, Penny assuming that the sun literally rising up in “Big Bang Theory” was way too dumb to be real. These things are only possible in movies because real life is way too harsh and bitter. The hero will always get up stronger than ever only after he is beaten to death. Here are 14 impossible things that can only happen in movies and TV shows. Can you think of more bizarre examples that happen on screen?

Blending With Parades

When the hero or villain blends in with street crowds in festivals or parades during chasing games, it is always intense. It heightens the tension and provides an attractive background. But this is only possible in films. Every chasing scene is accompanied by such crowds by chance. In real life, a person might not be so lucky with the timings.

Hanging Out All The Time

From grownups chilling at the café and bars instead of going to work to students hanging out in the corridor all the time, when do people get so much time? In real life, we barely get to make time for ourselves even on Sundays. And high-school students don’t have so much time like Sabrina and Clay Jensen.

Stripping Down In Front Of Your Friends Is Okay

Joey exposing himself to Monica in “Friends” or Andy showing up at Leslie’s place completely naked in “Parks and Recreations” is supposed to be funny and brushed off as an awkward encounter. Can you ever let go of your colleague or friend doing that to you? So you just forget the gross act and continue hanging out as if nothing happened. And let’s not even get into Barney Stinson being obsessed with Lily’s breasts in “How I Met Your Mother”.

Cartoon Boys Don’t Need Pants

Please explain this logic to us. Female cartoon characters portrayed as beautiful creatures with long eyelashes, red lips, and full clothes. Whereas male cartoon characters don’t need pants. So we are supposed to differentiate between the genders on the basis of pants. Why don’t the male characters need pants, though?

Amateurs Defeating Pros

Experience and training have no relevance in the parallel universe of movies and TV series. They just don’t exist. Because a team of inexperienced dancers or singers will always win a competition in the fictional world and defeat the professional experts who are, by the way, always the villain.

Drinking Alcohol From Bottle

Impossible Things In Movies and TV Shows
Impossible Things In Movies and TV Shows

We are not talking about drinking wine or beer directly from the bottle. In fact, doing that in real life makes us feel like we are living in our own movies. But who the he** gulps down hard liquor like whiskey from the bottle without flinching? They do it so smoothly without any difficulty as if it was a cold drink.

Dodging Bullets

See, we are totally okay with leaving logic when we see Superman or Flash dodging bullets because of their super speed. But it’s hard to use the same concept for non-superhero films that are supposed to feel relatable. No matter whether there are hundreds or thousands of trained assassins shooting at one person, the bullets will never tough the lead. All they have to do is duck faster than the thousands of bullets flying at you and they will survive.

Always Pretty In Makeup

We understand that the actors need to look picture-perfect and photogenic on the camera. For that makeup artists have introduced “no-makeup-makeup”. Yet the characters are shown in full makeup, embellished in lipsticks and liners despite being stranded in one place and isolated from every source. Even getting food in such situations is a challenge and here the characters look like they shopped from Paris on their way back home.

Tiny Flame Illuminating The Room

Movie Characters Can’t Be Defeated

Characters in films and movies need only a tiny light or a single fire torch to light up the whole room or cave. How can one single source of light illuminate the place from all directions?

Forced Kisses So Romantic

Somehow in fictional stories, heroes have the liberty to grab the women and inflict forced kisses on them. It is supposed to be romantic and hot when a hero does it. But if someone does this in real life, how are we supposed to know if it’s a hero or a jerk? The term consent is not mentioned in their dictionaries.

Eyes Open Underwater

Impossible Things In Movies and TV Shows
Impossible Things In Movies and TV Shows

Have you ever played the underwater pool game where you have to find the tossed coin? Do you remember catching it without your underwater glasses? Well, of course not because it’s next to impossible to keep your eyes open in water, let alone spotting things vividly. But TV and movie characters stare through underwater without blinking like total creeps.

Hero Always Wins

Female Assassins in Movies

Even when the lead character is outnumbered with pro assassins and goons, she/he will always win. Can’t say how that is even possible. In some bizarre cases, the hero will only rise back on their feet after being beaten down to death. Somehow the wounds and broken ribs charge them up with strength and energy.

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