Legends of Tomorrow: Here’s How Wally West Will Help In Rip Hunter’s Return

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is the only show in the Arrowverse that has taken such a long time to air since its mid-season break last year. The threat of Mallus and Damien Darhk looms over the horizon and fans are still eager to know how the Legends are going to tackle that problem. The stakes are universe-shattering on this one. The Legends of Tomorrow need to return and save all our asses. Come on CW air it already!!!

 We can scream and squeal all we want but it will still be more than a week before DC’s legends of Tomorrow season 3 finally airs on The CW channel. Things have taken quite an interesting (aka morbid) turn for the legends. Martin Stein, played by Victor Garber is dead after the 4 part Arrowverse crossover ‘Crisis on Earth X’ took his life. Stein was almost like a father to Jax. He was unable to cope with his loss and has decided to leave the team (hopefully just for the time being). The Legends have been approached by John Constantine for help. That is excluding the fact that Mallus, one of the universe’s greatest threats still is at large. Like I said, the show is facing an interesting yet morbid turn of events.

But what has got the fans even more riled up is the fact that Wally West aka Kid Flash is about to enter the Legends’ fray. The Legends are a team of outcasts whose contributions to their world are almost nil. They were picked off from their respective time and place to join the Waverider in the hopes that they could make a difference via traveling the time stream. They did. The Legends are the unsung heroes who save the world twice – once from the wrath of Vandal Savage and the second from the Legion of Doom. They are about to do the same again in Season3 with the arrival of Mallus.

Wally West is also treated as an outcast in The Flash ever since Barry’s tryst with Savitar came to an end. Wally was supposed to defeat Savitar by himself, or at least that is what the Flash had us believe. After playing second fiddle to the scarlet speedster for such a long time, Wally still never did get his time to shine. In season 4, his presence was almost deleted from the entire script. He is currently said to be in Blue Valley, fancy words of The CW to say he ain’t ever gonna be a part of Team Flash. Wally is an outcast in his own world a perfect Legends recruit.

But it is not just the metahuman speed he will be adding to the Legends’ overall skill set. If rumors are to be trusted, Wally is not coming alone. He will help bring a rather familiar face back to the Waverider. The man who started it all is about to rejoin the Legends of Tomorrow.

That’s right folks. Rip Hunter is about to return and Wally West is the guy who will bring him back. Wanna know how??

In a recent Interview with Entertainment Weekly, Arrowverse sshowrunnerMarc Guggenheim gives us valuable clue as to how Rip’s return to the show is tied to Wally’s:

“Wally is brought to the team by Rip Hunter, of all people.” Guggenheim revealed. “And once he meets them, he realizes this is a good group to stay with.”

After forming the Time Bureau in Season 3, Rip has been at perpetual odds with his former team. After his unsuccessful attempt to nab Mallus, he was incarcerated by the very organization he created. Rip is set to return to the show but the question of ‘how’ is still unanswered. Nevertheless the announcement of his return and him bringing Wally with him to the show has got the fans all riled up.

Legends of Tomorrow

“We knew that Wally West would fit in perfectly on Legends,”

said executive producer Phil Klemmer in a statement.

“After all, our show is about a collection of unlikely heroes who all began their journeys questioning who they are and where they belong — only to find those answers while traveling through time and having wacky adventures. So now, Wally West is not only back in the company of old friends from the Arrowverse, he’s fighting alongside a former enemy and career arsonist Mick Rory/Dom Purcell. By the end of this season, Wally will learn that the Legends have a different definition of what it means to be a hero.”

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