If The Greatest Fictional Characters Came Together to Create World’s Greatest Drug Cartel

Fictional Characters to Create Drug Cartel:

Within the movies and the TV Shows, we see so many brilliant minds that are so good at their job. And don’t deny when we say this – it has been your wet dream to see characters from different franchises and universes to join forces. Today we try to bring the best and brightest from the other side of the Law to from the world’s greatest drug cartel there ever was. Who will be the boss? Who will enforce the rules? Who will be the brains? We have an answer to it all. If these people come together, no government in the world can stop them.

 1. Don Corleone – The Boss

To handle the world’s most extensive and powerful drug network requires someone with the clout and suave to handle things in the most graceful and smoothest manner possible. Vito Corleone fits perfectly for the job because of two things – he has experience in overseeing a network that thrived on gambling, illegal trafficking, bootlegging, and mass level union corruption. He knows how to handle a situation if a monkey wrench is thrown his way.

His offers are something nobody can ever refuse. A Drug Network of such epic proportions also requires the organization to have a culture of ethics of its own. There must be some ideals that each person within this Drug Cartel must follow – honesty, loyalty, and Family are three of the core tenets of Don Corleone’s criminal empire from the Godfather series. If he could do it there, there is no way we see it not being enforced here.

 2. Kingpin- The Right Hand Man

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We were confused about whether to take Pablo Escobar here or the Kingpin. We settled for the latter because it made more sense to take the Kingpin, who is more articulate and intricate in his ways than Pablo Escobar. Being the Right Hand Guy of the most powerful crime lord in the world requires one to be calm in every situation and have the mental acumen to have contingencies in place for anything and everything.

The Kingpin has had his money and wife taken away. He was thrown into jail. He has deemed a fugitive and cast out by society. His childhood was wrought with parental abuse. But he persevered. He came forth every time. Pablo Escobar built up an empire but the moment things started to slip out of his fingers he let emotions start clouding his judgment and as a result, he would not be our first choice for this role.

 3. The Professor – The Mastermind

Fictional Characters to Create Drug Cartel

The Professor is the brains behind Money Heist. He is the one that assembled the entire group and laid out an intricate plan to steal money from the Royal Mint and the Bank of Spain during the series. The Professor is one of the few people on this list who will never let emotions get the better of him. He always works for a cause. To avenge his father, he went to extreme lengths to get things done. He is perfect to be the brains behind this Drug Cartel since he has the mental acumen to foresee everything that would be too over the top for Don Corleone or The Kingpin to notice.

If Don Corleone could give the guy some purpose and a reason to be a part of the World’s Greatest Drug Cartel, then the Professor would move heaven and Earth to keep things running. The Professor will be a highly valuable asset who will be very useful in fighting not just the authorities but also root out the competition.

 4. Walter White/Heisenberg – The Cook

Fictional Characters to Create Drug Cartel

To have the planet’s greatest drug cartel at your disposal, you need to have the world’s greatest drug. There are many numbers of cooks that can cook the product but no one, and we mean absolutely no one, can do it like Walter White aka Heisenberg. Heisenberg is a genius in chemistry. His research turned his brainchild – Gray Matter Technologies into a multi-million dollar business entity. He uses his chemical knowledge to create the world’s purest form of methamphetamine.

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His Crystal Meth which has a signature blue color soon makes him the king of the local drug trade and a force to be reckoned with. Walter White created his product with the most minimal of resources. Using that big bald and beautiful brain of his, the Drug Cartel could pour in money, equipment, and resources to come up with better and more refined products. If Heisenberg is under Corleone’s payroll, there is no stopping the Cartel. In addition to it, Walter White is also ruthless and extremely brutal in his ways.

 5. Saul Goodman – The Lawyer

It is a Drug Cartel we are talking about. Did you think they would not have frequent run-ins with the law? Of course, they would and who better to look for a helping hand than the greatest Con Artist cum lawyer that ever lived this side of the Pacific. Jimmy McGill aka Saul Goodman has been swindling money from innocent bystanders all these years before he turned over a new leaf and became a lawyer. His past always came back to bite him and Jimmy was forced to use the olds ways he learned as a Con man to wriggle his way out of things

Fictional Characters to Create Drug Cartel

His methods are not so much as illegal as they are morally questionable. But in the end, Saul Goodman gets the job done and that is what matters to the Cartel – RESULTS! With that nonchalant attitude and the thirst to take on difficult and seemingly impossible challenges and still win the game, Saul Goodman is the only legal partner the Drug Cartel would ever need.

 6. Lisbeth Salander – The Hacker

In the digital age, guns and brawns will only get you so far. If you really want to stay at the head of the herd, you need to have that extra edge. You need to be future-ready. With so many resources being juggled all over the world, the Cartel will need a Digital Guardian Angel. This person must be able to fool-proof the digital defenses of the Drug Cartel as well as have offensive capabilities like having backdoor access to prominent confidential sources as well as into competitors’ secure channels.

Fictional Characters to Create Drug Cartel

Lisbeth Salander may have been termed a paranoid psychopath who is also short-tempered. But she is good at her job and her skills would make the Cartel an impenetrable fortress. Lisbeth Salander’s ways are unconventional and somewhat anti-heroic. It would be very hard for Don Corleone to convince her to join the cartel. The only way he could recruit her is if he gives her a lucrative incentive in return for her services. Lisbeth Salander is known to have been an advocate of the Greater Good.

 7. Thomas Shelby – The Enforcer

Fictional Characters to Create Drug Cartel

The Cartel needs a face that people need to fear. This face will be like a Damocles Sword, hanging over every person’s head. Any employee who would act against the interest of the cartel and degrade its three ideals – Honesty, Loyalty, and Family – will be quickly dealt with after a swift visit by this face. Since this Cartel will be handling a large number of people, it needs to ensure everyone stays in line.

Facts About Peaky Blinders

Thomas Shelby knows fear because he lives through it every day. Every night he wakes up screaming from the nightmares he got as a result of witnessing the horrors of war when he was a soldier fighting for his country during World War 1. Shelby is the infamous leader of the Peaky Blinders Gang. He has very detailed knowledge of how to keep ground operations in check and make people value their allegiance to the parent organization they serve.

 8. John Wick – The Hitman

Fictional Characters to Create Drug Cartel

While Tommy Shelby can handle the groundworks within the Cartel, what about the factors outside it? What about the competition? The Cartel will have a lot of enemies. And this is where John Wick’s role comes into play. For a price, John Wick will go after anyone. And we all know that the guy is nigh-unstoppable once he locks in on his target. With vast resources at his disposal, John Wick will be a one-man killing machine, taking out the Cartel’s biggest obstacles on the legal as well as illegal side, as need be. The Cartel just needs to make sure nobody kills his puppy this time (Kidding!).

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