Jason Momoa Reveals Who Would Win Between Aquaman And Wonder Woman In A Fight

 The heroes of the DCEU stand united against the threat looming over the Earth in Justice League. But that won’t be the case in Flashpoint. The storyline pits the member of the league against each other. The legions of the Amazons and the armies of Atlantis meet in a grand war to end all wars in the story arc. But who would win in a fight between the opposing armies’ leaders – Aquaman and Wonder Woman, Jason Momoa has an idea about who might win this battle.

In London, Momoa and Gadot sat down with Europa Press during a recent Justice League event. And Momoa has helped clear the doubt about who the possible victor might be if a fight like this ever happens. His certainty about the answer will surely convince the fans.

Momoa Says and we quote:

“I think Wonder Woman is always going to win, but I don’t ever want to fight her.”

So there it is folks. Even the guy with the trident claims out the favorite girl in red, gold and blue will win the match. And he is fucking in it!!! He adds that although Wonder Woman will surely the battle, Aquaman will give her a real run for his money. It will be a close one. He is not called the King of the seas for nothing. But alas the ends justify the means.

“Having said that, I do like to wrestle,” he further adds. “You know, Aquaman’s a bit of a biter so you never know so we’ll see, but generally she’s beautiful why the heck would I want to fight Wonder Woman?”

Jason is quick to point out the fact that there is absolutely no reason for him to fight the Amazonian princess. Dude that’s what the Flashpoint paradox is about. If the movie even remotely follows the comic book storyline, there is a high probability that Aquaman and Wonder Woman end up at the opposite sides of the table.

In the Justice League, Diana and Arthur along with Batman, Cyborg and the Flash help oppose Steppenwolf from taking over the big blue planet of ours. While the movie follows the mainstream continuity, The Flashpoint Paradox is an alternate topsy-turvy reality where nothing fits right. Because of Barry messing with the timeline (Darn it not again!!!) to save his mother from getting killed, her mother survives but the usual timeline doesn’t.

The result is an alternate timeline where Bruce was the one who dies in the ally pushing Thomas Wayne to become the Batman and Martha Wayne to become the Joker, Superman never meets the Kents and is actually held captive in an underground government facility with no access to sunlight- the source of his powers, and Diana and Arthur are mortal enemies with their respective kingdoms waging a war that threatens to engulf the entire planet. Oh and Barry Allen never gets struck by lightning so no Scarlet Speedster exists in this reality. Damn, that is one fucked up timeline ain’t it?

justice league wonder woman

Cyborg is the only thing standing between the planet and total Armageddon. With his ragtag group of resistance superheroes which also includes Captain Marvel, he goes head-on against the Atlanteans and the Amazonians. Superman is a frailed man and a case of sever Malnutrition. Thomas Wayne is an aging yet the badass version of the Batman, and he doesn’t shy away from adapting extreme measures to deal with criminals. Barry Allen tries to stop himself from saving his own mother and make things right this time. The story is one epic roller coaster ride.

The movie will be just as awesome if it ever becomes a reality that is.

The Flashpoint movie is still a distant dream. Justin Kroll recently remarked in variety that all the standalone DCEU movies depend on the collective success of the upcoming Justice League. Ezra Miller, the actor who portrays The Flash in Justice League says the movie is still far up in the future but it’s definitely happening.

While it would be hard to see Arthur and Diana at odds with each other so soon, fans will have to satiate their hunger for awesomeness with the sassy Aquaman and the graceful Wonder Woman fighting together instead of against each other in Justice League against Steppenwolf and his parademon forces.

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