Top 10 Biggest Science Fiction Movie Franchises of All Time

Science Fiction Movie Franchises:

Science Fiction has been a popular genre since its inception as it doesn’t have any bounds, and nothing seems impossible. There are certain movie franchises that have made this genre one of the most loved genres, and even though they sometimes fail, we will always look forward to these movies as they have built an amazing world full of creativity and amazing characters.

#10: Predator Franchise

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The Predator franchise has its fair share of problems, but it is still very entertaining to watch. The first movie featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger is the best one and it gave birth to a multi-million-dollar franchise. The Predator is now recognized as a pop-culture symbol as the alien hunter is loved by the fans due to its badassery.

#9: Blade Runner Franchise

The Blade Runner Franchise is regarded as a true Science-Fiction franchise due to its originality and realistic depiction of the future. Both the movies in the franchise are fantastically made and there are hardly any flaws in the movies. It is near impossible to match the standards set by this franchise in terms of storytelling and visual effects.

#8: Men In Black Franchise

Science Fiction Movie Franchises

The most recent movie in this franchise bombed hard at the box office and now the fans are doubtful about the future of this franchise. We believe that there is a lot of scope for this franchise in the future, just get Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones back, and give them a proper script, and see the magic.

#7: The Matrix Franchise

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This franchise would have been at the top of this list if the last two movies were as good as the first one. They were not necessarily bad, but the makers took a route that the fans did not anticipate. Let’s just hope that the fourth movie revives the franchise and gets all the respect back.

#6: Jurassic Park Franchise

A lot of fans were skeptical about rebooting this iconic franchise but fortunately, Chris Pratt managed to surprise the audience. The latest movies shattered all the records at the box office and the way things are going, this franchise is only going to get bigger. This franchise made an entire generation love these awesome creatures.

#5: The Terminator Franchise

Science Fiction Movie Franchises

Although we agree that this franchise should have ended a while back as after the first two legendary movies, it has been degrading continuously. Regardless, it is one of the most memorable and iconic sci-fi franchises of all time as Arnold Schwarzenegger gave the perfect performance for the fans to cherish.

#4: Back to the Future Franchise

Science Fiction Movie Franchises

We will always love and remember this franchise, mostly because of the amazing chemistry between Marty McFly and Doc Brown. Time Travel never seemed so fun before this franchise, and unlike all the other franchises, Back to the Future doesn’t have a weak link. All the movies are amazing in their right and are equally loved.

#3: Alien Franchise

The Sci-fi genre is incomplete without the Alien Franchise, because not only it gave us amazing movies, it also gave us a badass female lead, Ripley. The blend of horror and sci-fi was something we never saw before and the franchise is filled with fantastic performances. The franchise has had its troubles but it has always remained mainstream.

#2: Star Trek Franchise

Only the Star Trek Franchise has maintained its dominance, both at the box office and television, which proves that the fans cannot have enough of this sci-fi adventure. It has not only survived but prospered for decades, a feat that seemed impossible to pull-off. The franchise is not showing any signs of stoppage and we can’t be any happier.

#1: Star Wars Franchise

Science Fiction Movie Franchises

Star Wars Vs Star Trek is a never-ending topic and it is almost impossible to say with certainty that one is better than the other. Star Wars changed the movie industry entirely as it shattered all the box office records, and even though the latest movies are controversial, to say the least, they are still raking millions at the box office.

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