15 Fictional Villains We Strangely Find Attractive

We are not new to the concept of falling for the wrong guy or girl. Some sinister characters in movies and TV series look monstrous or grotesque like Demogorgon, Freddy Krueger, or Voldemort. But then there are those whose evil acts can easily be forgiven for their hotness. Not only are they hot, but they are complete badass, confident with a tinge of craziness and wildness. And those who do not get counted as sexy still have a sense of cold and chilliness in their aura that we are weirdly attracted to. Here are the 15 Fictional villains we strangely find attractive.


Unlike what his character’s name suggested, Cillian Murphy is a beautiful man. That chiseled jawline, pout, and those sharp blue eyes always do the trick. His evil and freakishly cold smile was enough to turn some of us on.  Some people can effortlessly wake up all your senses and this Irish actor’s Scarecrow in “Batman Begins” is one of them.

Tom Riddle

Harry Potter Characters with Their Own Movie

Even though we are going to talking about Tom Riddle from the “Harry Potter” franchise, it is worth mentioning that some were weirdly attracted to Voldemort and his vertical dragon-like eyes as well. Tom Riddle was the younger and earlier version of the Dark Lord before he split his soul and got himself destroyed by Lily James Potter. Riddle was cold, calculative, and enjoyed inflicting pain on others. But he was also good-looking and charming which he used to manipulate others. Call him cruel and selfish, but you can’t deny his sharp features.


Facts About The Evil Witch Maleficent

To write a list of sexiest villains and not mention Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent is a sin. She is by far the most breathtaking evil character in a Disney fairytale. Had we known that’s how the villains look in a fairytale, we would have rooted for them and not Cinderella or Snow White. I mean, just look at Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen in “Snow White and the Huntsman”. Coming back to Angelina, how did she manage to look both scary and deadly attractive with those horns and piercing cheekbones?


TBH! Almost all the villains in “The Vampire Diaries” were radiating hotness- be it the Originals or the Heretics or Kai Parker. After all, most of them were vampires and witches and from what pop-culture teaches us, they are super attractive and super passionate in bed. Klaus was introduced in the TVD as a total a**hole who had trust issues and the will to do anything for power. Even though he was hurting our protagonists- Stefan, Damon, and Elena, some of us rooted for him till the end. Whenever he did something evil and laughed about it, I wanted to fly all the way to Mystic Falls and hunt him down. Till date, Klaus Mikaelson raises my heartbeat. He is one of the rarest villains that everyone loved and related to.


Attractive Fictional Villains
Attractive Fictional Villains

Whether you are into men or not, you must have fantasized about David Bowie at least once in your life. Casting a man with such beautiful and sharp eyes, nose, smile, and jawline in “Labyrinth” changed the whole meaning of villains. And man, that tight outfit totally raised the room temperature.

The Joker

Fear of clowns is pretty common amongst many of us, but so is the love for Heath Ledger’s Joker. This Joker was fearless and unpredictable who even scared the Batman. There is just no way to scare this sinister and crazy man who has nothing to lose and nothing to ask for. It may be wrong to like him but it weirdly feels good to dream about him. He has even starred in the fantasies of people with a fear of clowns.

Harley Quinn

You saw this name coming, didn’t you? Clearly, DC didn’t envision Harley as the typical villain in bad costume and makeup. Given Harley Quinn’s outfit and her ability to raise the room temperature, the movie knew what it was aiming for. But, what about her craziness and unpredictability? That is all forgettable and forgivable with her kickass combat and dancing skills and her hotness.


Loki WandaVision 10 Episodes

There’s absolutely nothing weird in liking Loki. Almost every MCU fan is smitten by Loki’s accent, charm, and mischief. Tom Hiddleston is gifted with both good looks and a great personality. We can’t think of anyone better than Tom who would fit the sarcastic and mischievous god’s shoes. I’d happily kneel down to him.

Hans Gruber

The late Alan Rickman’s Hans Gruber in “Die Hard” was supposed to dress differently. But the actor wanted this terrorist to look fancy and dapper in suits and shirts. Clearly, the trick worked for some viewers. Alan Rickman’s smirk and his evil charm stole hearts. It felt wrong but also oddly good.


Bane Gotham Fox Attractive Fictional Villains

It’s nothing to do with bald or masked men. But there was something commanding in Bane’s presence in “The Dark Knight Rises” that made some of us want him more. Tom Hardy’s Bane was strong, undeterred, and strongly focused in his game. He was also the first one who could break Batman. That speaks enough for his strength and arms.

Some honorable mentions are-

Kylo Ren

Draco Malfoy

Facts About Draco Malfoy

Bellatrix Lestrange


Attractive Fictional Villains
Attractive Fictional Villains

Darth Maul

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