10 DC Super Villain Standalone Movies We Absolutely Want After Joker

DC Super Villain Standalone Movies:

With Joker now almost across the coveted 1 Billion Dollar Mark, it is safe to assume that despite some critics panning the movie, the DC movie has managed to defy all odds and become one of the greatest comic book movies to have been ever made. DC now finally understanding that the Marvel formula is not for everyone, they have started looking out for a pace they are comfortable with. And it looks like DC is actually better at making Standalone productions, something Marvel has not managed to pull off till now. It is now time for DC to capitalize on their success. There are a lot of other Super-Villains that could also become titular characters in DC productions. All Warner Brothers have to do is give the green signal.

The Riddler

The Batman Villains Matt Reeves

One of the craziest and most respected villains within the Rogues’ Gallery of Batman, the Riddler is guy who relies on wits and puzzles to out-smart the World’s greatest detective. On several Occasions, the Riddler has actually out-smarted the Dark Knight. He is a sadistic and sinister persona who is only in the bad guy game for the thrill of it. If a Riddler movie ever happens, we want DC to start by showing how the Riddler, a once bright kid, fell into the pits of hell and came out as a dark force of nature. There is no need to show Batman or Bruce Wayne here. The Riddler would be sufficient by him-self. Maybe they could show how he was wronged by a group of criminals and he decides to exact revenge via a puzzle laced booby trap like game. We don’t know. We are not Directors or Script-Writers. Make it Happen DC!!!

The Penguin

Matt Reeves Batman

The Penguin has had several live action appearances. He was played by Danny DeVito in Batman Returns. In the Gotham TV Series, we saw Robin Lord Taylor’s amazing performance as the young version of Gotham’s Criminal Mastermind. The Penguin is also slated to return to the movies in The Batman movie directed by Matt Reeves and starring Robert Pattinson as the eponymous character. The Penguin could show the super-villain’s rise to power. It could show the rags to riches story of Oswald Cobblepot. Or they could show how the Penguin, who is an aging criminal don, is fighting to maintain his grip of the criminal world as he nears his end.


Azrael is basically Batman if he was raised by right wing religious freaks. Jean-Paul Valley belongs to a long line of assassins that are trained by a secret religious order called The Sacred Order of Saint Dumas. There can only be one Azrael at any point of time working for the Order. When Paul-Valley’s father died, Jean-Paul was brought in. The Order uses a very complicated system of psychological conditioning to ensure the next candidate to become Azrael follows their every command. Azrael is extremely violent and is as skilful and almost as smart as Batman. Azrael has fought alongside as well as against Batman on several occasions. Azrael is also a genetically enhanced human being. He has heightened physical attributes and mental abilities. The Order exploits his brain-washed state for a long time until he breaks out of their control and joins the Bat Family. He was ultimately killed by a mob during the No-Man’s Land comic book series.


Strongest Superman Villains

Many think of Lex Luthor as a super villain. We have an opinion that Luthor was created keeping in mind the theatrics of an Anti-Hero. Think about it – sure he uses his money and wealth to amass even more of it. But in the end, he uses it all to try and help the world. His theory that the planet should have a weapon of its own should Superman – a god-like alien from another world we know literally nothing about, ever goes rogue, holds some water. He wants the world to show that the world can take care of it-self without any superheroes. In the comic books, Luthor has even become the President of the United States. There is a lot to explore about him that the movies still have not managed to. There is also several interesting facts about his childhood that people need to know.


Strongest Superman Villains

If DC decides to make a Doomsday movie, it has to be set as an origin story. Everybody knows how strong Doomsday is. What we do not know is how this guy became so strong that he did the impossible –Kill Superman. Doomsday, many don’t know, is actually from Krypton. To be precise, he is a close relative to Superman’s species. Pretty much like the cavemen of Earth, Doomsday represents the pre-historic Kryptonian gene. A scientist called Bertron once created a Kryptonian baby in a test tube and killed it over and over again in diverse ways, bringing him back each time, immune to the method that killed him the last time. The process was repeated for decades until Doomsday became un-killable but the memories of being killed again and again made him loath life forever.

Amanda Waller

Okay she may not necessarily be a super villain but she had to be on this list. It is Amanda Waller for crying out loud. The Iron Lady of DC Comics that could make even the deadliest and fiercest of Super Villains shit his pants. As the one that was behind the creation of Task Force X and also a crucial part of Checkmate, Amanda Waller is someone who has a hand to play in the highest echelons of some of the most powerful organizations known to mankind. If an Amanda Waller movie is ever made, we would want to know why she became the humongous b*tch she is well-known to be today. How did she start out? Did she also hate society like the Joker did and just wanted to watch 6the world burn as she sipped her cocktails?!?!


Doctor Jonathan Crane was a benevolent scientist who wanted the world to overcome fear. As a result, he created the Fear Toxin – a hallucinogen that can induce in someone their greatest nightmares. Crane soon had his own bad day and became Scarecrow, a super-villain who uses his opponents’ fears against them. Scarecrow is perfect to be cast in a horror movie. Since Warner Bros already has several horror blockbusters to his name, the latest being the IT franchise, we are pretty sure they could find some use for Scarecrow.

Hugo Strange

Hugo Strange is a character that gained increasing limelight after a game. His role in Batman: Arkham City, showed just how deadly a genius but mad psychologist could be. Doctor Hugo Strange has only one goal in life – deduce how Batman’s mind works. He was one of the first super villains ever to figure out Batman’s true identity. Strange may not have any powers but that has never stopped him from looking any less scary.

Victor Zsasz

Victor Zsasz’s origin story is perfectly fit for a movie. Once an extremely wealthy businessman, Zsasz lost both his parents in an accident and went into depression. He would get the gambling bug later and lose all his wealth and fortune to the Penguin. When about to commit suicide, a homeless man tries to stab him and Zsasz kills him in self-defence. It is then that he realizes that all life is virtually meaningless and all people are basically zombies living out their lives in this toxic world (couldn’t agree with you more Mr Zsasz). Victor Zsasz then makes it his life-long mission to kill, or as he puts it, “liberate” others of their misery, adding a tally mark tattoo with each consecutive murder.

Mister Freeze

Mister Freeze will be a tragic love story brought to life. Victor Fries is a genius scientist specialising in Cryogenics. When his wife Nora Fries becomes terminally ill, Victor decides to use the technology he developed to try and find a cure. He even goes the criminal route to do his bidding. He puts Nora under cryogenic sleep so that her wife stays alive until he manages to win the race against time to develop a cure. The fight of one lone man for the love of his life, against all odds, and all the while the world is looking down upon him, is what makes a truly amazing tragedy worth a watch.

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