10 Things In Movies That Prove The Directors Have Gone Totally Insane

Plot holes and bad calls are there in many movies, but sometimes fans just can’t seem to understand that why would have someone put a scene or a particular type of decision in a film. Making them as well as the critics think that the director might have gone bonkers. Here is a list of things that happened in various movies that made us think that the directors who made it are completely insane.

Destruction of Metropolis – Man of Steel

There is no debate on this that there was an unnecessary amount of fight and mayhem in the 2013 flick, Man of Steel. The film showcased a lot many fights towards the end, not only the fight between Supes and Zod but more. Also, the destruction caused in the city was way more than there usually is in a Superman film or comic or film. Also, Supes could have done without breaking Zod’s neck but chooses to do so.

Batman: A Killer – Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Batman has one just one rule. He does not kill. But in the film, Batman VS Superman: Dawn Of Justice Bats is not just seen using guns and branding criminals, but also brutally killing a lot of them. These are the words of Kevin Conroy, the legendary voice behind Batman:

“I hated the fact that there was there was so much death in that movie. I just think that it’s important that Batman doesn’t kill. That’s a line that we never crossed, and I love that about him. It was like he was too noble to kill. Killing was too cheap. It was something the villains did, you know? I love that about the character, so I have a real problem.”

Zack Snyder surely got the right amount of brutality that was required in a Batman fight, but he extended it way ahead than just breaking bones. Making Batman a Killer is just not acceptable.

Martha – Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice 

A lot of calls taken by the director, Zack Snyder can be and are being debated about by the fans. But if there is one moment that is outrightly stupid, that is the Martha moment which has been the cause for various memes made on the film and Batman himself. Fans had been waiting to see Batman and Superman face off with each other since years. And to think that when these two fight, what stops their fight is them bonding over their mothers’ names? Couldn’t have done it any worse bro! What were you thinking Snyder??

Quicksilver’s Speed – X-Men Days of Future Past

As much as we loved the scene in the film X-Men Days of Future Past where Quicksilver runs and stops the guards from shooting everyone, the scene is as confusing as it is awesome. Why does the guy only use his speed only that time in the film, there are many moments in that as well as other films where he could have used his speed to do a lot more but he doesn’t which is totally outrageous.

Everything about Batman and Robin

Director Joe Schumacher has got enough hate for making Batman and Robin and he is about to get even more of it. It still would not be enough I guess. The question in the minds of every Batman fan is that what the hell was he thinking and what exactly was he smoking while making the movie. The Bat-Credit Card, the Bat-nipples, Bane, Ice Puns, etc. He was responsible for turning Batman into a joke and shutting down the franchise for 8 whole years.

The Twist in the end – Shutter Island

Martin Scorsese you Genius/Psycho! Shutter Island was a movie that kept us on the edge throughout the run of the movie. The suspense was so unbearable and all the viewers just hoped to get to the bottom of it as soon as possible. And when the end came, we all got to know almost that everything which happened in the movie was a complete lie and it was all going on in the main character’s head!

The entire plot – Catwoman

Everyone would agree that Catwoman is a movie that should never have existed. The entire story about the main character was totally changed from the source material and a really bad plot was given the green light to be made. And the result of that was a punishment for the ones who dared to watch the movie. Why would you do that Jean-Christophe “Pitof”?

Deadpool – X-Men Origins: Wolverine

This is what happens when a director completely ignores that source material. Deadpool fans would have hoped something amazing from the first movie Wade Wilson got to debut in and so did Ryan Reynolds. And what we all got, in the end, was a complete disaster. Deadpool shooting lasers out of his eyes and having Adamantium swords coming out of his hands?? This is was utter nonsense from director Gavin Hood.

The Mandarin – Iron man 3

Even though Iron man 3 was watchable and it earned a shit load of money at the Box Office, but every comic book fan was angry at what the makers did to the most iconic Iron man villain, The Mandarin. The biggest arch nemesis of our favorite hero was turned into a stage actor named Trevor Slattery and a B-list character from the comics was made to be the main bad guy. This was totally unacceptable.

The plot twist – Fight Club


The movie was outrageous! But we cannot deny that what happened at the time when the plot of the movie totally changed was not insanity. No one had expected the movie to take that path. This was again an example of a director being completely Genius/Insane. Everyone in the audience was just star struck when they found out that Brad Pitt’s character Tyler Durden, the coolest part of the movie was just a figure of imagination.

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