5 Most Brutally Beaten Superheroes by Solomon Grundy (You Won’t Believe No. 2)

Cyrus Gold aka Solomon Grundy is one of the most feared villains of the DC universe. Often compared to Marvel’s Hulk, this brainless beast has a great brute strength and has taken on our favorite superheroes and thrashed and squashed many of them. Here are a few superheroes who have been beaten by this monstrous villain:


Supergirl — “The Last Children of Krypton”

This is a story that took place in the pre-crisis era. Earth 2 Grundy there, is super strong and he thinks to himself that there must be a Grundy on Earth 1 as well. He travels to there, where he engages with Superman. What’s bad is that he clobbers Superman and throws him around like a toy, what’s even worse is that when he cam,e to Earth 1 his strength increased tenfold allowing him to take on even the likes of Superman.

Red Tornado

This has to be probably the worst thing that Grundy has ever done. Tornado after being tricked into having a human body instead of his mechanical body now was vulnerable to death. Well, something even worse happened to him as Grundy, after defeating him in a battle the intelligent Grundy tears his arm off and eats it in front of him.

Wonder Woman

This might come as a shock to many of the fans but recently, in the Comics Injustice: Gods Among Us, there is a battle going on where Diana is trying to free the boy wonder from Grundy’s clutches. Obviously, she fails, what’s even worse that she is punched by the colossal beast and flies so hard that the Flash is required to catch her.



This might be new to the fans but Grundy and Hawkgirl had an affectionate relationship. Hawkgirl felt bad for Grundy and he too felt admiration for the “bird nose” this all turns into ash when Grundy is resurrected and doesn’t even recognize her. He thrashes her like a tin can and throws her into incoming traffic.


Well, after Tornado maybe Bats has had it the worst with Grundy as he had to face not one but seven clones of Grundy created by Calendar Man. Bats fight them with courage, but well, even Wonder Woman was thrashed by the beast, so who’s Batsy? He is pounded by Grundy and barely escapes death.

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