11 Powerful Cosmic Weapons MCU Needs to Bring to MCU Phase 4

MCU Phase 4:

As the world braces for an MCU that will no longer have some of its most iconic superheroes returning to the theatres ever again, we are left to anticipate what to expect from the Marvel movies since they are going to be drastically different from the last three phases. The Infinity Gauntlet was the basis of the last two Avengers movies. The Infinity Stones, objects of immense power – were used to reshape the entire universe according to the vision of one mad purple freak. But the Gauntlet is not the only object of cosmic prominence in the Marvel Universe. There are several other weapons with power as great as or even more than the Infinity Gauntlet!! And we would like to see those making their mark in Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Presenting – 11 Powerful Cosmic Weapons MCU needs to bring to MCU Phase 4!!!

 11. Norn Stones

MCU Phase 4 Cosmic Weapons Marvel

The mystical Norn Stones are magical objects most associated with Asgard, home to the Thunder God Thor and the God of Mischief Loki. The Norn Stones were created by Karnilla, a powerful sorceress that wielded Asgardian Magic and mastered it so well that she is referred to as Asgard’s Mistress of Magic. The Norn Stones grants its user the ability to do what the Infinity Stones did for Thanos. While the Infinity Stones tapped into the universe for drawing power, the Norn Stones use pure magic to do so. With the Loki TV series coming to Disney+, maybe we will see the Norn Stones in action pretty soon.

 10. Kang the Conqueror’s Time Travelling Chair

MCU Phase 4 Cosmic Weapons Marvel

Kang the Conqueror is a distant relative of Reed Richards aka the Fantastic Four. He hails from the far future. Kang is known to use time travel technology to change entire timelines and conquer them for himself. To do so, he uses his Time Travelling Chair – a chair that is basically everything advanced 30th Century Technology has to offer. The Chair can not only traverse through alternate timelines but also travel between dimensions and different universes.  It also comes loaded with a lot of offensive and defensive technology. It would be interesting to see Kang’s time-traveling throne come to MCU Phase 4.

 9. Mandarin’s Ten Rings

MCU Phase 4 Cosmic Weapons Marvel

Iron Man has the world’s most advanced technology at his disposal and yet he always falls short when it comes to defeating an unarmed guy who operates out of a cave. The Mandarin is the pinnacle of human discipline. Apart from having martial arts skills that can help him break the Iron Man armor with his bare hands, the Mandarin also has his ten rings of alien Makluan technology that grants him access to ten different powerful abilities. The abilities range from pyrokinesis, cryo-kinesis, telekinesis, gravity control, electricity, and photokinesis. Since the true Mandarin has already been shown to exist in the MCU in the All Hail the King Marvel One-Shot, we believe this might actually be a possibility.

 8. The Crimson Gem of Cyttorak

MCU Phase 4 Cosmic Weapons Marvel

The Crimson Gem of Cyttorak is an object older than life itself. Cyttorak is a demonic entity who was worshipped by ancient civilizations as a God.  To grant his followers and his most ardent believers with the ability to tap into his powers, Cyttorak created the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak. The Crimson Gem grants the user to become a living weapon of unstoppable force. Juggernaut aka Charles Xavier’s brother, stumbled onto the Gem while investigating a cult in Vietnam and the rest is history.

 7. Hercules’ Golden Mace

MCU Phase 4 Cosmic Weapons Marvel

The Golden Mace of Hercules has one of the strongest chances of making it to the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4. Since the Eternals movie is already happening and Hercules is confirmed to be character in the movie, the Golden Mace is most probably coming to the theatres. Hercules’ Golden Mace is made out of Adamantine, a metal that is Olympus’ answer to Asgard’s Uru – the same metal that was used to forge Thor’s hammer Mjolnir. Adamantine is also the progenitor of Adamantium, the metal that makes Wolverine’s claws. Hercules and his Golden Mace will be a worthy addition to the Marvel Universe indeed.

 6. Wrecking Crew Crowbar

MCU Phase 4 Cosmic Weapons Marvel

The Wrecking Crew were once just a normal group of thugs who used construction objects as weaponry. They were always down on their luck because they had nothing special about them and so the heroes could defeat them pretty easily whenever they tried to make a scene. That all changed when the Wrecker, the Leader of the villain team, was imbibed with Asgardian magic after he was mistaken for Loki. He then used the magic he had acquired to grant his other team members the same magic. The weapons the Wrecking Crew members use are actually cosmic in nature and are incredibly powerful.

 5. All-Black the Necro Sword

MCU Phase 4 Cosmic Weapons Marvel

The Necro Sword – All Black, was created by Knull, the universe’s first symbiote and a literal God. The sword he created out of his own body was then used to kill a busload of other ancient Gods by Knull, which is why the sword is now called the God Slayer. The Necro Sword was again used in a Thor issue where the God Slayer tried to kill Thor and destroy Asgard. Now that Spiderman: Far From Home has opened up the Multi-Verse to the masses it will be interesting to see if All-Black could be brought into the mainstream continuity.

 4. The Evil Eye of Avalon

MCU Phase 4 Cosmic Weapons Marvel

The Evil Eye of Avalon is not from this universe. It was created by a group of alchemists in an alternate world called Avalon. The Evil Eye of Avalon is not a product of pure science but a combination of science and magic, which is why no one in the history of the Marvel Universe has managed to quantify its abilities. The object allows its user to control matter down to its very molecular level. The wielder of this weapon can then change matter to his will. In a way, this thing is even more of a threat than the Infinity Stones. The Stones were at least having some sort of side effect as a repercussion of using their power. But the Evil Eye of Avalon can be used by anyone. And that’s what makes it even more dangerous.

 3. The Heart of the Universe

MCU Phase 4 Cosmic Weapons Marvel

In Marvel: The End, we realize that there is an energy source that runs the entire universe. Whoever controls that Energy Source can control everything. Akhenaten, an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh was chosen by a group of alien beings that chose him as the wielder of the Heart of the Universe and he turned into a tyrant God, tormenting Earth until Thanos managed to stop him by absorbing the Heart into himself and rewriting the Universe, sacirifi8cng himself in the process by erasing himself from existence. (He is not always a bad guy).

 2. Quasar’s Quantum Bands

MCU Phase 4 Cosmic Weapons Marvel

 Eon – a cosmic entity as old as the Universe itself is responsible for maintaining a favorable condition for sentient life to flourish in the Universe. Anticipating that one day, he will need a protector that will work for his cause, he created the Quantum Bands. Wendell Vaughn aka Quasar is the most popular user of the bands. The wielder of the Quantum Bands, apart from becoming the Protector of the Universe, is granted several powerful abilities like Flight, Massive Energy Manipulation, Energy constructs, teleportation and portal generation, mental protection from psychic attacks and a vastly superior metabolism. But like Mjolnir, only a ‘worthy’ person can wield the Quantum Bands.

 1. Captain Universe’s Uni-Power

MCU Phase 4 Cosmic Weapons Marvel

Not so much as an object as a literal force, the Uni-Power is a sentient force of incredible magnitude that chooses a suitor and possesses him or her to turn that being into Captain Universe – Guardian of the Universal balance. It is derived from the Enigma Force, and does not have a set form of abilities as such. When a person is turned into Captain Universe, the Uni-Power will grant the person whatever the situation demands it and there is no limit to what those abilities could be or how powerful they could become. Captain Universe and the Uni-Power will be an interesting facet to explore in the MCU since it is currently extending its reach into outer space.

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