Hulk is Now Marvel’s Terminator: he is Now Killing Off All The Other Hulks

Hulk is Now Marvel’s Terminator:

It was a while ago when we realized that Bruce Banner’s mind has been so fragmented by his childhood trauma that his psyche has broken off to produce multiple personalities within his mind. That is the reason Bruce Banner has shown so many different transformations of the Hulk over the years. Each persona within his mind makes Bruce Banner transform into a different version of the Hulk. For years now, it has created massive confusion within the fan base. And right now Marvel is making Hulk have some much-needed course correction. The most powerful version of the Hulk is right now in his Terminator Mode.

Hulk is Now Marvel’s Terminator

SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for The Immortal Hulk #33 up ahead. Enter at your own risk….

The Hulk is right now going through some pretty serious character development. Rick Jones’s body has been taken over by the Leader, who is now using the Hulk’s best friend to manipulate Bruce Banner and playing a cruel mind game on the jade giant. The Devil Hulk has been put under chains by Xenmu and he will stay there caged – probably forever. So the Hulk has no actual powerhouse to fall back to in case of an emergency. And it was the perfect time for the Savage Hulk to take over Banner’s Mind and body. Being mentored by the World Breaker Hulk, the Savage Hulk, aided by the former better known as the Green Scar – the most berserk and powerful Hulk to ever exist, is on a war-path to kill off all the other Hulks that ever were or will be.

After Xenmu locked most of Bruce Banner’s original psyche away, Green Scar comes to help Savage Hulk as the World Breaker Hulk. The duo intends to find a way to help unlock Bruce Banner and free him from his mental prison. They travel across the mindscape of Bruce Banner, witnessing some of the scariest and weirdest iterations of the Hulk. Bruce Banner’s Mindscape is basically a theme park of sorts made up of many mountains. All the versions of the Hulk are trapped within objects found within this theme park.

Hulk is Now Marvel’s Terminator

The Devil Hulk is trapped within a tree and is regularly tortured by Green Scar. Joe Fixit is within an amber stone. Fixit is the smartest and shrewdest of all the Hulk versions so it stands to reason to believe that Green Scar is intentionally trying to silence him and quite him down. It looks like Green Scar is actually trying to find a way by using Savage Hulk and World Breaker Hulk to destroy all the other Hulk personas buried deep within Bruce’s mind. But to do so, he needs to somehow make Bruce take back control from Xenmu all the while manipulate the other two Hulks into breaking his mental scape of Banner to such an extent that Bruce Banner breaks from the inside, letting Green Scar take over – PERMANENTLY!!

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