One Punch Man vs. Goku vs. The Hulk – Who Will Win This Battle of The Champions

One Punch Man vs Goku vs The Hulk:

The debate rages on and on and on. In the world of anime, there are only a few powerhouses who have the power to make an entire planet tremble in fear. Goku is the Super Saiyan Warrior God of the Dragon Ball Universe. He has saved not just one but multiple universes with his actions. Saitama, who started out as a parody of all the action anime, became extremely popular due to his incredible and infinite power. No matter how powerful, all it takes for Saitama is a punch to defeat the enemy – hence the name.

One Punch Man vs Goku vs The Hulk

On the other side of the Pacific Ocean, we have another heavyweight champion from Marvel Comics who is also known for his strength. We are talking about the Raging Green Monster called the Hulk. If all these three behemoths meet to fight, who will win that battle? Will the Universe even survive it??

Victor for the Battle will be very hard to decide. We will first dissect the strengths and weaknesses of each warrior and reach a verdict accordingly. The criteria for deciding the victor will be based on various parameters. Let us get into the nitty-gritty now.


One Punch Man vs Goku vs The Hulk

He claims his strict regimen of 100 push-ups, 100 squats, 100 sit-ups and a 10 km run every day was how he gained his amazing strength. But we all know that is not true. The reason he gained such amazing powers along with going totally bald will probably never be explained. Saitama is the One Punch Man. He is so powerful that it takes literally one punch for him to defeat any foe, regardless of how mighty that enemy might be. Having defeated all his enemies with just a punch, Saitama has lost interest in the battle and just considers himself to be a “Hero for fun”.

In a world of S-Class heroes that can level mountains and create craters deep enough to build an ocean, Saitama is at a tier that even these S-Class heroes will not be able to compete against. Saitama once punched so hard it literally generated a shockwave that cleared the cloud cover of within a straight line that covered at least half the Earth’s circumference. The fun fact is – he was not even using ten percent of his power.

Despite Saitama’s incredible speed, strength, durability, and endurance, Saitama has become somewhat complacent. True he has the powers of a God. But so does Goku and the Hulk. They never developed a laid back attitude. Instead, both of them managed to further become stronger and more powerful. Saitama just got bored and sat this one out. As a result, Saitama’s power level which is still very high is stagnant. Saitama seldom trains and this means that he is stuck.

Goku has achieved a power level to rival that of a God of Destruction. He still considers that he has not reached the other end of the learning curve. The Hulk does not even need to train. The circumstances always make him get stronger and stronger. Saitama on the other hand never faced such a problem and that is his greatest advantage – his carelessness.


One Punch Man vs Goku vs The Hulk

The One True Champion of all Saiyans and one of the last of the purebred Saiyans left in the Universe, Goku has trained all his life to become better and stronger than any adversary. Goku’s answer to any problem is training him-self and overcoming it on his own. Goku is not someone to be taken lightly. He has fought the most terrible adversaries and come out on top every time.

One Punch Man vs Goku vs The Hulk

Throughout the years, Goku has mastered several techniques that turn him into a literal God. He can go Super Saiyan and has unlocked even more levels to that transformation. His attacks can easily destroy a planet. Having mastered Ultra Instinct and The Super Saiyan God technique, Goku is no longer an ordinary mortal warrior. He is a true genius when it comes to Martial Arts.

The few weaknesses Goku has are pretty basic but very huge chinks in his armor if he is going to fight the likes of the Hulk and One Punch Man. Saitama will at least maintain a code of honor while fighting it out with him but the Hulk is known to use under-handed tactics to get the job done. Goku believes in fair play even against opponents who will do anything to win a fight. And that is why Goku will have huge trouble with the Hulk, at the very least.

Another disadvantage Goku has is that his strength and stamina, no matter how powerful, are not durable. Both Saitama and the Hulk could go on for days without breaking a sweat but Goku has shown to get exhausted after two or three bouts of battle. The Hulk and Saitama, if they realize that Goku can get easily tired, could just keep dragging the fight till Goku passes out. That is something the Saiyan Warrior needs to be careful about.

The Hulk

One Punch Man vs Goku vs The Hulk

Bruce Banner was researching for a way under a government-sanctioned project to recreate the Super Soldier experiment using gamma radiation. Caught under a gamma explosion, his body got infused with so much gamma energy that he transformed into an enormous green rage monster that was almost unstoppable once it got angry. Bruce Banner became the Hulk. The Hulk is almost always a boon and a bane to the Avengers.

He is a double-edged sword. The Hulk has incredible strength, stamina, durability, endurance, and reflexes. He also has a very powerful healing factor that is on par or maybe even better than Wolverines. The Hulk is also very durable against all kinds of attacks – magical, psychic or otherwise. Having fought titans like the Sentry and the Ghost Rider, the Hulk is a freak of nature no one should have the bad luck of crossing paths with.

The Hulk’s rage is his greatest weakness. The angrier he gets, the more powerful he becomes. So there is no ceiling to his strength as long as he keeps getting angry. His rage might be a good weapon but it could also prove his downfall. The Hulk’s rage sometimes makes him do stupid things like walking into an almost certain booby trap without even giving it a second thought. Anger makes a person dumb and it could not be truer for the Hulk. Another disadvantage of the Hulk is that he is very unpredictable and unstable. He seldom relies on strategy in a fight.

Secret Avengers Marvel

Normally that is not a problem but when you are fighting two martial arts geniuses who have honed their skills via sheer training that is a factor that needs to be considered. A warrior fights as much as with his mind as with his body on the battlefield. The Hulk has all of the latter and very little of the former. That could prove to a troublesome for Bruce Banner while facing Saitama and Goku.


One Punch Man vs Goku vs The Hulk

The decision, as we said, will be based on many criteria. After carefully considering parameters like ingenuity and use of strategy in the battlefield, will and determination to succeed, the knack to improve themselves no matter what, the ability to do anything to get the job done, strength, stamina, and endurance, it is almost certain who the victor might be.

The one who wins this battle will be – GOKU!!!

One Punch Man vs Goku vs The Hulk

One Punch Man and the Hulk will put up a good fight. But Goku will be able to easily dodge them all. He has fought beings from other universes far more powerful than the Hulk (yeah we are talking about Jiren). Goku has stood toe to toe against a freaking God of Destruction. He has recently mastered a technique called Ultra Instinct Sign, which gives him access to the technique once reserved only for the Gods. With so many abilities under his belt, there is no way this martial art giant will be able to lose to the Hulk or Saitama in battle. It will be a little tough undoubtedly but the outcome will remain the same no matter what tricks the Hulk or Saitama have in their sleeves.

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