Goku Shows off His Newest Power in Dragon Ball Super – He is Now A True God

Goku shows off his Newest Power:

Goku is the God of all warriors in the Dragon Ball Universe. As the most powerful Saiyan warrior of his universe to ever exist, Goku knows his way around the battle-field. Even while being the strongest of them all, he still does not think it is enough. Goku likes to keep training and improving his abilities. We have seen him achieve impossible feats in the Dragon Ball Universe through sheer hard work, determination and a passion to become better than he already is. That is why we love him. And Goku has recently developed a new ability, one that makes him at par or even greater than most Gods. This just might be a game-changer.

SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 58 by Akira Toriyama, Caleb Cook, Brandon Bovia, and Toyotarou up ahead. Enter at your own risk….

The Prisoners of the Galactic Patrol is the newest enemy that Goku and the Z Fighters are about to face in the Dragon Ball Super saga. Moro, the leader of an immensely strong team of super villains, used one of his wishes on the Namekian Dragon Balls to free all the prisoners of the Galactic Patrol. But he did not stop there. Moro even asked the Dragon to grant him his wish of regaining his original strength and turn him back to his prime. Moro’s new abilities now allowed him to fight both Goku and Vegeta in their Super Saiyan forms. Since Moro is able to drain the energy of the universe to power himself, Goku and Vegeta’s powers don’t mean squat against the guy.

Goku shows Off His Newest Power

Vegeta found a way to work around this handicap. He decided to travel to the planet Yardrat. The Yardrats are weak and meek-looking aliens who have developed very potent and powerful techniques to compensate for their weak physical attributes. One of the techniques in the powerful Instant Transmission technique, which gives the Yardrats the ability to travel at the speed of light! Goku learned this technique after his scuffle with Frieza on the Planet Namek. Vegeta is on his course to unlock a new level of power to learn all the secrets that the Yardrats have to offer.

Goku shows Off His Newest Power

Goku, on the other hand, took a different route. He decided to train under Merus, a powerful warrior him-self. Merus later was revealed to be an Angel. All Angels have the ability to tap and manipulate Godly Ki, a more refined version of the Mortal Ki that Goku uses to fight. Under Merus’ guidance, Goku unlocked new heights of power he thought were impossible to attain. As the Galactic Petrol comes to invade and demolish Earth, Goku returns in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 58 to show off his new ability.

Goku has finally mastered Ultra Instinct – the ability which gives him a power that was once exclusive only to the Gods. That is the same ability that almost led to Goku single-handedly defeating Jiren, who is considered the most powerful mortal warrior in all of the Universes in Dragon Ball.

Almost all of Moro’s army is destroyed by Goku during the initial stages of the fight itself. When Saganbo, Moro’s right-hand henchman tries to fight Goku, Goku accesses a level of speed that even the Z Fighters are not able to keep up with and they are just spectators in the fight! Moro kills Saganbo, after realizing no matter how much energy he pumps into him, it still will not be enough to stop Goku.

Moro realizes pretty quickly as to what is going on. The reason the Z Fighters are not able to sense Goku’s energy or Moro not being able to absorb it is that it is not of this realm. The Ki Goku is using in battle is Ultra Instinct. Under Merus’ training, Goku has finally mastered Ultra Instinct Sign, the initial stage of a technique that is reserved solely for the Gods.

Goku does not even need to go to Super Saiyan anymore. He can just use his Ultra Instinct to save the day this time!! How freaking cool is that!!

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