Wolverine Has Officially Gone Rogue And Become Marvel’s Deadliest Super Villain

Wolverine Deadliest Super Villain of Marvel:

One of the best and brightest of the X-Men and the Marvel Comic Book Universe, Wolverine has always been a stalwart of the Earth’s Mightiest superheroes. He has been around and helped the good guys save the day, banish the bad guys, and live to tell another tale for a long time. For years and years, the Animal has taken a beating, both mentally and physically. And maybe the clawed maniac has finally snapped because Wolverine has finally decided to embrace the dark side. And Marvel Comics might just have created their deadliest Super Villain.

Wolverine deadliest Super Villain of Marvel

SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for Wolverine #4 up ahead. Enter at your own risk…..

He is not someone who is a strict follower of the law of pacifism. Gandhi might not be his first choice as an idol. Wolverine likes to spill some blood before he decides to come and sit down for negotiations. The rest of the heroes do not like Wolverine’s tactics but they make do with it because he provides results and he is a loyal ally. In the newest issue of Wolverine, he might be finally coming off at the hinges. Wolverine going rogue could be one of the greatest events of this century’s comic book history.

The mutants have settled down in their newest nation Krakoa. The mutants and the X-Men are happy to finally have a place they can truly call home. But Wolverine is not happy with what is going on. The X-Men have done their best to cooperate with Logan but the guy is still feeling too weird to be chimed in. They have made him the leader of Krakoa’s X-Force. He is basically leading the mutant nation Krakoa’s wet works department. He is also given the freedom of working alone and the way he wants to.

He is allowed to kill humans, the only mutant who is given that privilege. He is also a seat holder in the Quiet Council. But things in Krakoa are starting to fall apart. Neo-Nazis, Supervillains like Sebastian Shaw, the Mutant Sanctuary idea – everything is a load of bollocks to Logan. Rightfully so, he has anticipated the fact that Krakoa is doomed to fail.

Wolverine deadliest Super Villain of Marvel

Wolverine has been revealed to have finally taken the dreaded route. After days of being in an ideological deadlock with the Quiet Council, he has taken matters into his own hands. He already had a Krakoan Gateway under his possession that he uses secretly. Wolverine is going out of Krakoa and in effect, becoming a rogue Mutant defector. This would mean that he is going against the wishes of the Quiet Council and becoming their enemy. Krakoa has a lot of innocent mutants who might be caught in the cross-fire between the fight that will happen between Wolverine and the X-Men. In his pursuit of freedom, Wolverine has become the bad guy. What happens next will shape the future of the X—Men in the Marvel Comic Book Universe.

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