Alternate Versions of Deadpool in The Multiverse of Marvel

Versions of Deadpool in Marvel:

There might be 1000 versions of Deadpool in the Marvel Comics, but the only constant among them is their sense of humor. Wade Wilson aka Deadpool aka Merc With the Mouth is one of the funniest and most unique Marvel heroes. He can’t be taken seriously and is nothing like the conventional superheroes like Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, etc. But Deadpool is a fan-favorite character. Thanks to Ryan Reynolds who perfectly fit in Deadpool’s shoes and made him globally popular even among non-Marvel peeps. We all are well aware of the multiple realities that Marvel Comics has expanded to over the years.

Each Earth has a different version of the heroes, including Deadpool. Let’s find out about the alternate versions of Deadpool in the Marvel Multiverse and see how different they are from one another.

 1. Evil Deadpool

Versions of Deadpool in Marvel
Versions of Deadpool in Marvel

Evil Deadpool existed in the same universe as the original Deadpool on Earth 616. He was accidentally created by the mainstream Deadpool after he discarded his redundant body parts that were previously collected by his admirer, Ella Whitby. Evil Deadpool was everything that his name suggested. He had joined forces with Dreadpool and formed the Evil Deadpool Corps. He was later killed by Lady Deadpool. More on her later.

 2. Wolverinepool

Being the part of the Weapon X experiment as Wolverine, Deadpool’s skeleton and claws also bond with the Wolverine Adamantium. However, his healing factor was weaker than the original versions of Earth-616. Wolverinepool was from Earth-1946 and recruited by Dreadpool to fight against the Deadpool Corps.

 3. Lady Deadpool

Wanda Wilson aka Lady Deadpool comes from Earth-3010. She has swag in her work style due to her recklessness, defiant, and solitary lifestyle. This Deadpool also got intimate with her alternate version once. She ran the Deadpool Corps with the mainstream Deadpool by her side and was also a member of the X-Women.

 4. Venompool

We know that Spider-Man aka Peter Parker was the first host of the Venom symbiote followed by Eddie Brock, it’s the ultimate host. But in the What If…? series that takes place on Earth-90211, the symbiote is hosted by Wade Wilson instead of Brock. It is believed that Deadpool’s Venom is more dangerous and reckless that the psychotic serial killer Cassidy’s Carnage.

 5. Kidpool

Ever wondered how the kid versions of your favorite superheroes looked like? Kidpool was a younger Deadpool on Earth- 10330 where he was enrolled in Xavier’s Orphanage for Troubled Boys. We’d love to see a movie based on the younger years of the witty and insane Deadpool. Kidpool was also a member of the good Deadpool Corps.

 6. Dreadpool

This version of Deadpool resided on Earth-12101. Dreadpool was even more insane and homicidal who wanted to wipe out all the fictional characters to end their misery of entertaining the readers. He was later killed by the Deadpool from the original universe of Marvel, i.e., Earth 616.

 7. Ronin-Pool

Watari belonged to the 17th Century Japan on Earth 11542 where Wade was a Ronin i.e., a lone samurai or warrior. He was one of the good guys who joined the Deadpool Corps to put an end to the Evil Deadpool Corps in Deadpool Kills Deadpool.

 8. The Ultimate Deadpool

Versions of Deadpool in Marvel
Versions of Deadpool in Marvel

This horrific version of Deadpool had fought during the Wakanda Wars on Earth 1610. His condition was far worse than the mainstream Deadpool in appearance. With his helmet on, the Ultimate Deapool would hunt mutants on camera for entertainment. He was later killed by the Deadpool of Earth-616 as he was a part of the Evil Deadpool Corps.

 9. Millenial Deadpool

If you think the Deadpool you know is insane and unpredictable, then wait till you learn about Millenial Deadpool from Earth- 1036. He was on a rampage to wipe out all the X-men and mutants from the face of Earth. He was merciless in his mission and awarded himself with the belonging of his victims. For instance, he donned the fur and head of Beast after killing him.

 10. Deadpool The Duck

You guess it right! When the original Deadpool met Howard the Duck, they got involved in a quarrel which resulted in their merging. This cynical and annoying duo forms an adorable fighter who also joins the Deadpool Corps.

Some honourable mentions are-


He had both the powers of Groot and Deadpool. Grootpool appeared in Deapdool Kills Deadpool and was equally adorable as Groot. Even though his language was confined to “I am Deadpool” he was still witty.


Dogpool met the same fate as Deadpool when an animal testing went wrong. He later joined the Deadpool Corps but died at the battle.


Versions of Deadpool in Marvel
Versions of Deadpool in Marvel

Gwenpool emerges from Earth-TRN565 where the reality was imaginary. As she proceeds to a real universe, she spreads devastation under the impression that everything around her is fictitious.

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