9 Reasons Why Shiva Trilogy (Immortals Of Meluha) Is The Best!

Shiva trilogy is loved by everyone, be it a teenager or an adult. You just can’t resist reading it again. Here are 9 reasons why:

Real War Scenes:

The war scenes are truly enchanting and are page-turners. Actual war strategies used thousands of years ago are described in such a way that you can envision them.

Myths Explained With Scientific Answers:

Want to know how and why people used to live for 200 years in the ancient times? Want to know why Kali and Ganesh look as they do? How the Thar desert was formed? What happened to the holy river Saraswathi? Well.. Shiva Trilogy contains the answers you seek.

No Advice On How To Live Your Life:

Unlike many mythologies, this trilogy doesn’t give advice nor morals, but simply states how people used to follow the principles of Lord Ram, which explains why their lives were peaceful.

Believable Storyline:

The first question that crosses our mind after reading the books is,”Is there a chance that these could have really happened in the past?” Though it is a work of fiction, the storyline is completely logical and makes you wish it were true.

Amazing Quotes:

The quotes grow on you  and you find yourself reciting the quote if you are in a similar situation.

“Hate is not the opposite of love. Hate is just love gone bad. Apathy is the opposite of love”

“Good and evil are two sides of the same coin.”

“His burden didn’t feel any lighter, but he felt strong enough to carry it.”

Famous Characters:

Famous persons of Indian history, like: Ayurvati, Nandi, Brahaspati,(Veer)Bhadra, Nagas, Lord Rudra are characterised in an enticing way and you feel like you know them personally after reading the book.

Unexpected Twists:

“Yea, this is gonna happen”, says your mind. And then, next moment, BAM!!, something totally unrelated happens. Did the Naga really wanted to kill Sati? Were Chandravanshis the ‘evil’? If you think the answer is yes, you have another thing coming your way.

No Damsel In Distress:

The female protagonist, Sati, is anything but a weak women who hides behind the men. She is one, who can not only defend herself in a battle, but also save an entire village from an impending danger! The climax sword fight between Sati and a particular someone can make even the manliest of men shed tears! (Sniff!! Sniff!)


Who says mythological books don’t involve romance? Thank you Amish for an engrossing romance. The love between Shiva and Sati makes you yearn for a similar life partner. Good luck with that folks!!

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