10 Most Rewatchable Movies of All Time

There are mediocre movies, there are cult movies and there are movies that you can watch endlessly without getting bored. Here’s a list of ten rewatchable movies:

Se7en (1995):

Most Rewatchable Movies of All Time
Most Rewatchable Movies of All Time

It’s terrifying, haunting and a masterful thriller about two detectives played by Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman trying to track down a serial killer who is always two steps ahead of them. The modus operandi of the serial killer is based on 7 deadly sins committed by human being namely gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, pride, lust, envy.

Few Good Men (1992):

It is one of the most remarkable courtroom drama ever written, starring Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson, dialogues penned by Aaron Sorkin. Don’t miss this one.

Fight Club (1999):

It enjoys a cult following even till today, turned Edward Norton into a star and Brad Pitt into God. It’s a story of an insomniac who is thoroughly depressed with his personal and professional life, introduced to a new form of therapy where people fight with each other at an underground fight club.

The Shawshank Redemption (1994):

It is worth watching thousand times and more. Starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman, this is an emotional ride you want to take every time you need inspiration.

The Social Network (2010):

Most Rewatchable Movies of All Time

It was based on the life of Mark Zuckerberg, founder of multi-billion dollar company which we know as ‘Facebook’. It wasn’t really an origin story as it mostly revolved around a court case filed by Winklevoss brothers for allegedly stealing their idea.

Titanic (1997):

The movie which turned Kate Winslet into a Hollywood Diva. It was the greatest romantic extravaganza which taught us the power of love under extreme circumstances. If you didn’t fall for Rose, perhaps you have no soul.

The Matrix (1999):

Who doesn’t feel inspired by the “bullet stopping” scene when Neo realized that he is the chosen one. The protagonist has to fight against the powerful supercomputer artificial programs who are determined to annihilate human civilization. The Wachowski brothers brought this gem based on ‘AI’ in the late 1990’s which got Keano Reeves his first ever Oscar in the “Best Actor” category.

The Avengers (2012):

Finally, Disney Studios decided to take a plunge fulfill the dream of every Marvel comic book fan by bringing together the earth’s mightiest superheroes in a single frame. Joss Whedon killed it and wowed audiences as they cheered, drank, ate and marveled at it all.

Jurassic Park (1993):

Jurassic Park was the first most accurate sci-fi movie which truly haunted us as it brought alive dinosaurs from the depths of imagination. It was an epic masterpiece of Steven Spielberg who took the art of film-making to a whole new level.

The Dark Knight (2008):

Most Rewatchable Movies of All Time

It was truly the milestone achieved by Christopher Nolan in the history of comic book filmmaking. Gotham confronts its most diabolical, psychotic and harrowing villain in the form of Joker who plays deadly mind games with Batman and calls himself as “agent of chaos”. Heath Ledger posthumously won an Oscar for the “Best Supporting Actor”, many believed he immortalized the character of the Joker with his unbelievable performance.

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