15 Indestructible Metals of The Comic Book World – Ranked From Weakest To Strongest

The Comic Book Universe does not just contain superheroes. It also happens to contain several mysterious elements with awesome and godlike qualities. The Comic Book Universe possesses a lot of fictional elements that are not resent in the periodic table. Some of them are so strong they are indestructible. Presenting 15 indestructible metals of the comic book world – Ranked from Weakest to Strongest….

Nth Metal

The Nth Metal is a mystical, super power bestowing element native to the planet Thanagar. It was the Nth Metal that activated the genes that gave humanity superpowers in the DC Universe. Using the Nth Metal, Onimar Syn became a true God.


Valorium is a close cousin of the Nth Metal. It is not as indestructible but Valorium contains magical properties that make it extremely durable. The Legion of Superheroes use the Legion Flight Ring which is made of pure Valorium.

Galactic Glaze

Silver Surfer does not have a skin of silver. He is actually gifted with a body coated with the Galactic Glaze, a metal that can only be made by Galactus. The Galactic has helped the Surfer survive the core of a star and even a black hole.


Carbonadium was Soviet Russia’s answer to Adamantium. The only problem is it is not as strong. It is extremely malleable though unlike Adamantium and has since become the weapon of choice for many low class villains.


Inertron is the metal of choice to make shields and barriers in the 30th Century Future. Brainiac 5 used to it to create shields of Pure Inertron that were said to be able to withstand a point blank nuclear explosion.


Marvelium is more of a plot device than a metal but it still counts. Hen Doctor Sivana stole the bracelet of Shazam, Captain Marvel used his Wisdom of Solomon to create the heaviest and strongest metal of them all and trapped the villain in a cage made out of the metal.


Omnium was seen first in the Age of Apocalypse storyline where Charles Lensherr was wrapped over with a cocoon of Omnium style by his robot maid to protect him. Omnium has also been used by Whiplash in his energy whips.


Supermanium was forged by Superman in the heart of a star (not it’s not Mjolnir). Superman has used this metal to reinforce his Fortress of Solitude and create a cage to trap Brainiac.


Promethium as made by Teen Titans member Changeling’s father. It is of two types – Depleted Promethium can be used as armor and is so strong that even Superman cannot break it. Volatile Promethium can give off limitless energy and in the wrong hands, could destroy the universe.


Adamantine is Olympus’ answer to Asgard’s Uru. It is also a close ancestor of Adamantium. The only difference is Adamantine can make its wielder resistant to magical and psychic attacks as well. In an alternate universe, James Howlett is the Wolverine and he is boned to Adamantine instead of Adamantium.


Uru is the mystical metal/stone the Asgardians smiths use to make all their weapons. Thor’s hammer is made of pure Uru. Uru can also possess mystical properties and absorb the wielder’s powers and abilities to pass on to the next.


Amazonium is a mystical metal that I blessed by the Goddess Aphrodite herself. The Amazon Warriors of Themiscira use it to make enchanted weapons that can break through or repel any obstacle. Wonder Woman’s bracelets of submission are made of Amazonium.


Vibranium can absorb Kinetic Energy. The more it absorbs, the harder it gets and Vibranium can absorb infinite amount of energy so it is virtually unbreakable. There also exists another variation of this metal called Anti Metal that can cut through literally anything.


The name Adamantium itself means unbreakable. Adamantium’s concoction is a secret but it is one of the most difficult to manipulate and mold into. Adamantium can survive anything and everything. Only two things in the entire history of Marvel Comics has managed to dent this metal – Thor’s Hammer and the Incredible Hulk.

Captain America’s Shield

Metals of The Comic Book World

Contrary to popular belief, Cap’s Shield isn’t just Vibranium. It is made up of a mixture of a lot of unknown metals that make it the strongest substance on Earth. The original formula has been lost and no one has been able to replicate it. Cap’s Shield has been broken before but only by universe shattering forces.

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