10 Most Powerful Items in Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is a show about power, whether it is Political, Social, Emotional or Skull Crushing Brutal power. The show is actually full of objects that contain jaw-dropping powers and abilities that let one convincingly win from the other. Here is a list of those items.

The Iron Throne

The real power if you think about it is in the hands of the one who sits on the Iron Throne. But lately, it has been provided powers to a but-load of idiots. And, the ones who stand beside the throne, people like Tywin Lannister, Littlefinger and even Tyrion for a while have been the one using and manipulating that kind of Power.

The Scythe

Moving aside political power, the Scythe is just a brute force to have in your defense. A huge blade hanging on a chain sweeping across a 300-mile long wall made of snow. This is a very lethal and unstoppable defense and offense mechanism to have in an army.

The Children of the Forest’s Fireballs

Children can be very dangerous in whatever form they take but when they are ancient, partly made up of trees and capable of throwing fireballs, you have got to save your ass. They burned the shit out of the white walker kinda creatures with their fireballs.

The Strangler

One could say that it is the strongest weapon to have by just witnessing what just one Drop of it did to Joffrey. Though we did enjoy that moment a lot, still it is the most lethal poison in all of Westeros.

Ice Blades

We have seen the White Walkers having these crystal clear sword like blades made entirely of Ice. It would be safe to say, considering the Walkers that it must be very powerful if all the White Walkers are armed with it.

The Horn of Winter

While we have not seen much of it on the show but we got a glimpse of it when Sam got hold of the Dragon Glass which was tied up with this Horn of Winter. It some real devastating power as it can bring down the Great Wall itself.


Game of Throne

We have seen how devastating this could actually be not once, but twice and as it was used very smartly by the Lannisters, it actually ended everything standing in front of the Lannisters.

Royal Blood

Game of Thrones

When Melisandre took Gendry’s blood and mixed it up with 3 little worms like creatures and threw them into fire symbolising the 3 individuals who pose a threat to Stannis’ Throne. And all those three men, Robb Stark, Joffrey Baratheon and Barn Greyjoy met their demise. So it could be very dangerous if used like that.

Dragon Glass

Forged from the fires of Dragons themselves, the Dragon Glass is one of the two things that can kill the White Walkers and this was proved by Sam’s little panic shank in the season.

Valyrian Steel 

The whole story of the song of ice and fire actually hinges on swords made of Valyrian Steel. We all know that eventually the great war with the dead is coming and the Mythos have it that Valyrian steel is the only thing that can end that War.

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