5 Terrifying Acts Thanos Might Perform in Avengers Infinity War

In Avengers Infinity War, Thanos will already be in possession of the most powerful artifacts in Marvel Cinematic Universe. But what would he do with it? Here are 5 things Thanos might do in Avengers Infinity War movie:

1. Thanos Destroys Half Of The Marvel Universe:

5 EPIC Things Thanos Might Do In Avengers: Infinity War

In the comic Infinity Gauntlet, The Mad Titan destroyed 50% of all life in the Marvel universe just so could impress his lady love Mistress Death. The combination of the Infinity Stones rendered Thanos to have God-like powers, making him nearly omnipotent

2. Thanos Kills All The MCU Heroes:

This was a speculation that had been swirling around ever since Infinity War was said to be happening. He had killed all of the Avengers and the entire Marvel hero roster by the end of Infinity Gauntlet. Would Iron Man and co be suffering the same fate? It’s hard to know since Phase 4 is still a mystery.

3. The Mad Titan Resurrects Marvel Villains:

He is supposedly Marvel Cinematic Universe’s biggest villain. But a good villain needs to have a pyramid system where his power and influence has to be spread out by faithful henchmen. Marvel has not been kind to past villains, so the resurrection of villains like Red Skull and even Ultron could cause a delicious havoc that could distract the heroes, while Thanos continues on with his plan.

4. Thanos Creates The Avengers Evil Clones:

With the powerful Infinity Gauntlet in his hands, he could destroy and create life. One speculation that fans have longed to see the movies is the appearance of the Evil Avengers. Of Course, the evil Avengers exist in the comics but were created by the Nazis. MCU could give it a quick remake and get Thanos to create a team he could control.

5. He Mind-Controls All The Heroes:

Avengers Infinity War

Since the Mind Stone is going to be a part of the Infinity Gauntlet, The Mind Titan could definitely mind control certain heroes. Hawkeye has already been controlled by Loki in the first Avengers movie, and that was just with the Mind Stone. He may be able to get into more heads with the snap of his finger.

Stay tuned for more updates about Avengers Infinity War.

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