The Original Look of Thanos is a Lot Like This DC God [Who Isn’t Darkseid]

Original look of Thanos is like DC God:

Thanos surely was one of the best villains of all time. People actually related to his character motivations as they became a pop-culture phenomenon. It’s too bad that DC’s Darkseid couldn’t become as big on the big screen. His motivations would’ve been much different from Thanos as the very unique Anti-Life Equation would’ve come into play. Even though these two villains are very different from each other, their demeanor and appearance still feels similar and quite threatening to be honest. One would think that the original designs for Thanos would’ve actually looked like the New God of Apokolips, Darkseid. But actually, the initial drawing for Thanos is actually to be inspired by a totally different DC God.

Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort recently clarified to his followers that the first drawing of Thanos by Jim Starlin is inspired from DC’s Metron. He wrote – “Jim Starlin’s first drawing of Thanos.” Now take a good look at Metron:

Comic book readers and the ones who have been watching Young Justice would be familiar with who Metron is. Moving on, Thanos kept growing and evolving with the Eternals & Deviants coming into play. Jim Starlin himself confirmed that his drawing of Thanos is not inspired by Darkseid. He said:

“This is probably one of the first concept drawings of Thanos I ever did… Jack Kirby’s Metron is clearly the more dominant influence in this character’s look. Not Darkseid. Both [Darkseid and Thanos] started off much smaller than they originally became. This was one of the drawings I had in my portfolio when I was hired by Marvel. It was later inked by Rich Buckler.”

Original Look of Thanos Is Like DC God

It is now that Thanos & Darkseid seem much more alike because they eventually grew in size and got hulking physiques. The MCU was really spot on with how they portrayed Thanos entirely. First of all, it was great casting as Josh Brolin really had the face, the voice & the personality to be the Mad Titan. The same would not have been the case for Darkseid in the DCEU, but he would’ve still looked awesome according to what Zack Snyder showed us from his Snydercut plans. Anyway, here’s fan art for a Thanos inspired Darkseid that I thought was really awesome. Take a look:

Original Look of Thanos Is Like DC God

Just a little change to Darkseid’s face here and we will get the accurate look that Injustice 2 got absolutely right. Like Thanos, Darkseid deserves to be on the big screen. Hopefully, WB will release the Snyder cut and give us our first look at Darkseid. After all, we would have seen the younger version of Darkseid in the movie, Uxas, and then the ending would’ve revealed the first look at the New God of DC.

Yes, this post changed from Thanos & Metron to Darkseid because I need to see him in the Snyder cut. I just can’t stop talking about it after knowing the following details from Zack Snyder’s vision for the Justice League trilogy:

“Snyder’s Justice League would play like the theatrical version, with one ending twist: Darkseid revealing himself to the League, as Steppenwolf’s master.

Justice League 2 would’ve gone cosmic, with the League mounting an attack on Apokolips and Darkseid. That major event would’ve brought the New Gods of New Genesis and the Green Lantern Corps into the mix.

The second movie would’ve ended on a dark and ominous loss, as Darkseid thrashed the Justice League and killed Lois Lane, taking Superman prisoner and creating the “Dark Superman” we saw in Batman v Superman through the Anti-Life Equation

Justice League 3 would’ve seen Darkseid invade Earth without the League there to defend it, conquering the planet and creating the “Knightmare” reality in Batman v Superman.

Through several time travel loops (including Flash’s failed warning to Bruce in Batman v Superman) Batman would have to reach Superman and bring him back on the side of good, so that the League could defeat Darkseid and save the world.”

Too bad we won’t get to see all of this.

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