How Marvel’s Eternals, Skrulls & Mutants Are All Connected to One Another

Marvel’s Eternals movie will dive into the ancient mythology of the MCU. Marvel started the motto of “It’s all connected” back in Phase 2. This was when the Marvel TV shows were introduced. Agents of SHIELD & Agent Carter showed major connections to the films. The Netflix shows were also loosely connected to the MCU films. But the movies never acknowledged them. They are now a thing of the past since Marvel TV & Marvel Studios are the same entity running under Kevin Feige. So, it is now that all the TV shows and the films will be totally connected. Since Disney has bought Fox, even the mutants & Fantastic Four will be totally connected. “It’s all connected” will find its true meaning now with the Eternals, Skrulls & Mutants.

How Marvel’s Eternals Skrulls & Mutants Connected?

So far, the mutants have not showed up in the MCU. But their set up has to be through the Eternals. The Eternals will go way back 1000s of years, and the film will involve the Celestials & Deviants. But we’re here to say that it will also show us the origin of the mutants. Marvel will face a big challenge introducing the mutants into the MCU. So why not do it along with 2 different kinds of people on Earth – the Eternals and the Deviants.

Post Credits Scene of Eternals Set up Marvel’s Mutants

The theory suggests that the Deviants on Earth are actually mutants itself. The Celestials created Eternals & Deviants throughout the Universe. We’ve seen what the Deviant Gene really looks like with Thanos. Moreover, Marvel scooper recently suggested that the Deviants will be called “The Changing People”, and their appearance will surprise us. So far, “The Changing People” in the MCU have been the Skrulls. With the kind of appearance the Skrulls have, they could also have the deviant gene. Meaning, they are deviants from a different planet.

As far as Earth’s (Terran) Deviants are concerned, the only different kind of people that exist on Earth (apart from Eternals) are “Mutants”. The true meaning of the “Changing people” is people whose DNA & genes kept changing & evolving. The Deviant Gene could actually be the “X Gene” in the MCU. The Terran deviants look human like because their genes have evolved. The first mutant/deviant – Apocalypse who was born grey could be a result of Celestial experimentation. So basically, the looks of Apocalypse could be used to explain the fact that he also has the deviant gene or the X Gene. And over time, Apocalypse the Deviants/mutants have evolved through on Earth. For this very reason, they have abilities which have been passed on by Apocalypse, the first mutant/deviant. They basically look like humans now, but are not completely human. They could be in hiding on locations like Madripoor (will be shown in The Falcon And The Winter Soldier) and/or Genosha.

How Marvel’s Eternals Skrulls & Mutants Connected?

The need of the Deviants could be just like the need of mutants (in the comics) & the Skrulls (in the MCU) – they want to live & let live. Meaning, because they are different the society hasn’t accepted them. The Kree Skrull war also happened because of the same reason. In the MCU, all that the Skrulls have wanted is to exist, and the Kree have wanted to show dominance. In turn, the Skrulls have had to suffer. Similarly, the mutant kind has also wanted to survive, but because they are different, the humans & (in the MCU’s case) Eternals didn’t want them to blend in & conflicts arose.

The Eternals are protectors of humans, and since they always saw the deviants as their enemies due to reasons that will be explained in the upcoming film, they have been fighting them for centuries. We’ll have to wait and see whether this theory is true or not. But it sure seems to be quite interesting as it will give the Deviants even more depth. Moreover, it’ll turn their kind into heroes and not villains. In fact, the Celestials might actually be revealed as the true villains. Ego was a Celestial, and he was a villain in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. The Eternals movie could continue the same trend. Marvel‘s Eternals releases on November 6, 2020.

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