10 Super Facts About The Female Kryptonian – Supergirl

Facts About Supergirl:

Supergirl has been a big part of the DC universe and she became an instant fan-favorite as fans can’t help but love her. Supergirl is also one of the strongest heroes in the entire DC universe and she has been an ideal role model for millions. Supergirl’s character has a lot of depth and even though she has her own show now, you might not know these amazing facts about her.

#1: Creation and Debut

Facts About Supergirl

Supergirl was created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino and she made her first appearance in Action Comics #252 back in May 1959. Supergirl was created to leverage Superman’s popularity and to attract more female viewers. The reaction to Supergirl’s first appearance was tremendous, as thousands of fans wrote positive letters about the character to DC.

#2: Modern Version of Supergirl

Facts About Supergirl

DC killed off Supergirl (Kara Zor-El) in 1985 during the Crisis on Infinite Earth Storyline and other characters including Matrix, Linda Danvers and Cir-El, assumed the role of Supergirl in her absence. Kara Zor-El made a comeback when she was reintroduced into the DC comics continuity in “The Supergirl from Krypton” storyline within Superman/Batman #8 in February 2004.

#3: One of the strongest characters in the DC universe

Facts About Supergirl

You do not want to be against Supergirl as there is no enemy she can’t defeat. She has superhuman – strength, stamina, durability, Hearing, Longevity, Speed, Agility, Reflexes. Her vision is something out of this world (literally), as she has Heat Vision, Electromagnetic Spectrum Vision, Microscopic vision, X-ray vision, Night Vision, Telescopic Vision, and Infra-Red Vision. She even has Freeze and Wind Breath. She can regenerate super-fast and she can survive in space. In short, just don’t mess with her.

#4: She is older than Superman

Facts About Supergirl

Kara or Supergirl is always depicted as a young girl but in reality, she is older than Superman himself. Kara was born before Superman, and she was in her teens when Kal-el was still an infant. Kara was sent in a rocket to Earth to look after the infant Kal-El, however, her rocket was caught in the explosion of Krypton and she became encased in Kryptonite asteroid, which halted her aging. When she arrived on Earth Clark Kent was already a grown-up whereas her age did not change.

#5: She once turned into a Red Lantern

Facts About Supergirl

After the assassin Lobo tried to kill her, she engaged in a fearsome battle with him, killing him violently while unleashing her rage. Attracted by her rage, A Red Lantern power ring found her and attached itself to her, transforming her into a Red Lantern in the process. The ring’s power drove her mad with rage and she started destroying everything until she was captured by several Green Lanterns and brought to Hal Jordan.

#6: She is Immortal (sort of)

Facts About Supergirl

After returning back to Earth from the whole Red Lantern saga, Supergirl encountered the leader of a group of Parasitic entities named the Worldkillers. It made an attempt at Kara’s life and tried to take her body as a host. Supergirl had to eventually fly directly into the Sun to defeat the Worldkillers. However, it is then revealed that Kara is immortal while she is in the Sun’s core, and she is restored to life.

#7: She is more dangerous than Superman

Facts About Supergirl

Superman and Supergirl have locked horns several times in the comic books and fans have always argued about their strengths. As it turns out, Superman’s admission himself that Supergirl appears stronger, as she always goes all out whereas Superman has been subconsciously suppressing his powers since he was a kid.

#8: Power Girl is Supergirl

Facts About Supergirl

Power Girl is a very popular character in the DC universe but not many people know the fact that Power Girl is the alternate version of Kara from another universe – Earth 2, and she had to take up the name of Power girl as after arriving on our Earth, she saw that this world already had a Supergirl. Power Girl is also the first chairwoman of the Justice Society of America.

#9: Leader of the Supervillain group Furies 

Facts About Supergirl

Just before the New 52 reboot, Kara Zor-El was reintroduced to the DC fans, but this time with a twist. In this version, the ultimate DC villain Darkseid used Black Kryptonite on Supergirl to brainwash her. Supergirl turned evil and Darkseid got a leader for her Female supervillain group name Furies. The Black Kryptonite enhanced her powers exponentially and she even became a threat to Superman himself.

#10: Dark Supergirl

Facts About Supergirl

Lex Luthor, the greatest Superman villain, exacted revenge on Superman by turning his cousin, Supergirl into an evil version. Lex Luthor used the Black Kryptonite to blast Kara and an evil Supergirl rose from Kara’s body. She had no moral code and she was committed to only one thing – killing Superman. She ultimately recovered and fought her evil doppelganger.

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