10 Greatest Inventions of Superman That Prove He Is an Extraordinary Genius

Genius Inventions of Superman:

Superman has always been portrayed as the brawn of the Justice League. He is a God-like being who is only good at smashing things and deflecting bullets with his chest. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Superman is called the Man of Tomorrow for a reason. His intelligence is a hundred times better than the finest scientist on Planet Earth. When Superman absorbs sunlight, it is not just his body that gets energized. Even his brain receives a massive boost. This spurt in intelligence has allowed the Big Blue Boy Scout to create wondrous machines that are so advanced it baffles human intelligence and almost looks like magic. We are pretty sure nobody knew that Superman could be such a genius.

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 1. An Infinite Energy Source

Genius Inventions of Superman

In the Universe, every star has a life-span. It goes through a phase at the end of which, its core burns down due to lack of fuel and the star turns into a Red Giant and then it implodes to become a White Dwarf before it explodes and expels out an enormous amount of energy in the form of a Super Nova. Our Sun is no different. It has a limited time span. To ensure humanity does not end up becoming charcoal from the Sun’s Super Nova, Superman in All-Star Superman, ventured into the sun to place an energy generator that could create an unlimited amount of energy. The generator would be used as an artificial heart for the sun and will give our star a bigger life-span. This generator was created by Superman and it was powerful enough to act as a perpetual energy source that could power the entire Earth forever!!

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 2. The Super Elixir

Genius Inventions of Superman

The Super Elixir was also a creation of him during the All-Star Superman issues. Superman creates a potion that could give any person who drinks it the powers and abilities of Superman. But it will last only for 24 hours. Clark Kent intended only for Lois Lane to have it. But the Super Elixir also got into the hands of Lex Luthor. Realizing the potential of his find, Luthor drank it and became the new bald-headed Man of Steel. Things did not go according to plan. Luthor, due to his now heightened senses, could perceive humanity at a much larger scale. Instead of creating trouble, he saw humanity with greater respect and started crying for all the wrongs he has done to them.

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 3. The Expunger

Genius Inventions of Superman

In Superman: At Earth’s End, Superman is seen holding a weapon. But this is no ordinary gun. It is something fit only for the Man of Steel. The Expunger has dozens of chain guns all rolled into one handle. It can fire more than 5000 rounds a second and hold tons of ammo. In the comic book issue, Superman is fighting a pair of clones created from the DNA of Adolf Hitler. But the Expunger was a bit of an over-kill. Fans of Superman were also very unhappy with the writers of the issue deciding to give their favorite idol, Superman – who claims to be a pacifist of the highest order, a gun.

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 4. The Doomsday Robot

Genius Inventions of Superman

No matter how strong he is, he is still kill-able. He has died multiple times in the comic books. His most famous death scene came in the 1990’s Death of Superman event. The World will always need Superman to guard and protect it against all kinds of foes. Without a Man of Steel, all the evil in the universe will consider Earth’s fair game and theirs for the taking. So Superman created a contingency plan in case he is no more there to be the planet’s guardian angel. It is the Doomsday Robot. The Robot is as strong and fast as Superman. He even made sure that the Robot has all his memories as well. It is like a mechanical Man of Tomorrow.

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 5. The Golden Flower

Genius Inventions of Superman

After the DC universe is thousands of years older than the present timeline, Superman would unanimously make the decision of leaving Humanity to its devices and watch over from a safe distance. He would take up a spot inside the sun where he will meditate for over a millennium. After absorbing so much solar energy, Superman becomes a golden-skinned God who can mold reality and make the universe dance to his tunes. He becomes Superman One Million. While inside the sun, he comes up with the idea of the Golden Flower – which is basically a normal flower found on Earth that is imbued with Superman’s God-like energy and becomes virtually indestructible. The Flower will remain unaffected and impenetrable to the effects of time and is an ode to Clark Kent’s father Jonathan Kent’s indomitable spirit.

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 6. Earth Q

Genius Inventions of Superman

Superman’s other creations are nothing but playthings when you consider Earth Q. It is an entire Pocket Universe!! When Superman was dying and wanted to see how the world will turn out after he passes away in All-Star Superman. To everyone’s delight, Superman actually ended up using his enhanced intellect to create a realm called Earth Q. On this Earth, he controlled all actions and events. He controlled the entire timeline of this Earth. And what he found out was really heartening. Without Superman to protect them, humanity in Earth Q flourished as they had no one but each other to rely on. United humanity is way better than one Superman.

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 7. The Power Charger

Genius Inventions of Superman

The Power Charger was invented by him to act as a contingency. There are several forms of Kryptonite in the DC Universe. In the comic books, there is Green kryptonite, pink kryptonite, blue and red kryptonite and then there is Gold Kryptonite. Of all the other Kryptonites we mentioned, the Gold Kryptonite has the power to take away Superman’s abilities. If exposed long enough, it could permanently depower him. As a fail-safe, he created the Power Charger. It is a device that can restore his abilities again if his powers are taken away from him. It can even give superpowers to a normal person but the side effect will be the person will die after 4 hours of exposure.

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 8. Superman Bots

Genius Inventions of Superman

We would never really know why Superman needed to create robot replicas of him-self using Kryptonian technology. Maybe he needed these bots to guard his Fortress of Solitude or patrol the planet when he is not around?? Whatever was the reason, the robots were very powerful and had some of the most advanced technology ingrained into their systems. They could even take on Superman if they had enough in their ranks to over-whelm the Man of Steel with sheer numbers.

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 9. Super Steel

Genius Inventions of Superman

Marvel Comics has Adamantium and Vibranium. DC Comics created an answer to that a long time ago. Superman ends up creating a tougher and more durable version of steel called Super Steel. The Super Steel was so powerful that Superman literally made a tank ram into it and its outer layer was not even scratched. The applications of Super Steel were numerous. Super Steel could be used in buildings and coastal fortifications where it could reinforce the superstructure of such installations and render them immune to natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis. But Superman did not reveal the formula of Super Steel to anyone because he feared people will use it to create weapons.

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 10. Fortress of Solitude

Genius Inventions of Superman

Last but not least let us not forget the humble abode of superman. The Fortress of Solitude is the lair of the Man of Tomorrow and houses some technology that is so astonishingly advanced it surprised even Batman, who is well-versed in advanced technology. The Fortress of Solitude, many do not know, was actually created by Superman from scratch. Located in a very isolated and remote part of the world, it has some of the world’s greatest technologies created by Superman and is itself a fortification containing high-tech weaponry and surveillance systems that allows Superman to rest in peace without the fear of Super-Villains knocking at his door every other day of the week.

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