10 Theories We Have After The What If… Trailer

What If… Trailer Theories:

The Marvel Cinematic Universe expanded further with the advent of the Disney+ shows. The ideas that were mere ideas up until now have been manifested in front of us in the form of these trailers. This means there’s not only hope for future expansion but also, there are crazy theories for Phase IV. In the spirit of the fanaticism for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, here are our predictions for phase IV.

Canon content

The “what if…?” trailer showed us a lot of different possible storylines, although Marvel is notorious for lying in the trailer, it is easy to see what things will stay in the final cut and maybe even make it into the canon. It is quite possible that some of the multiverses we experience in the trailer are not alternate multiverses but actually a future of our prime timeline. It is theorized that marvel will slide in some hints for us to differentiate, let’s see if we can catch them.

Captain Britain

What If... Trailer Theories
What If… Trailer Theories

The trailer of “What if…?” also shows us brief instances from a storyline where a very different Captain Britain is undertaking shenanigans with what seems to be Howard Stark? The cuts are very unreliable but our theory gears are turning and it seems that this is a what if… Captain America was British? This is funny but a valuable premise for a setting like WWII. Whether this is Kelsey Leigh from comics is a different question altogether.

T’Challa Star-Lord

“What if…?” also brought us a look at a young T’Challa exploring the world, even encountering Yondu’s ship and wanting to find out more. It might tie in with the scene where we see Star-Lord takes off his mask. And how about that beautiful score in the trailer. We may get to follow an entire story over the series as T’challa progresses through this alternate reality.

A very different Steve Rogers

There are cuts in the trailer where we come face to face with a young Steve Rogers. This may be a hint at entry 2, however, it is more likely that it is a prelude to the zombie universe, a flashback at Steve’s life and the events that led up to his zombification which The Winter Soldier will encounter further on in the story.

A Watcher Arc?

We are introduced to our guide to the universe, or rather the multiverse. We find the Watcher calling to us, informing us of just how vast all of it is. The Art of this particular scene is breathtaking and we get to see a hint of eternity in the watcher itself. It is expected that we’ll get to know the watcher and get acquainted with the level on which he functions. But to where this story will take us, only the writers can be sure.

Zombie universe

What If... Trailer Theories
What If… Trailer Theories

All hail the decision-makers at Marvel Studios, we are finally getting a look at the zombie universe through the Winter Soldier’s eyes and a possible fight between the Winter Soldier and the zombie Captain America. We may also find an entire cast of these Avengers. The best thing about a zombie arc is gore and gore was on full display in the trailer.

Young and Evil

Marvel Superhero could Replace Thor

Evil Strange makes an entrance in the “What if…?” trailer and we also get brief cuts of a young Strange falling into the abyss. It is quite apparent that these cuts might be from the same story or at least the same story arc. This means that we will most likely follow a young Strange and later find out that he will turn evil, now realizing that it is not the prime universe that we have been observing. It would certainly make for an entertaining twist.

Madness In the multiverse

The Evil Strange twist not only helps us get acquainted with the back story of a villain it will also help us understand future conflicts between these two versions of The Sorcerer Supreme. It is quite likely the “What if…?” series will directly tie into Madness of Multiverse, thereby starting the movie mid conflict, giving the audience longer and higher stakes battles. It would be daring and right in the doghouse of Marvel.

Fury’s Journey

What If... Trailer Theories
What If… Trailer Theories

We find ourselves being lulled into the trailer with the face of Fury. He finds the shield of a super soldier and we are led to a journey of a possible adventure. Now don’t get me wrong. I am all in for another Captain America universe but what I really want is a Nick Fury focused narrative. Let me see him be a badass spy, taking care of everything for the heroes for once.

Time Stone and the unknown

What If... Trailer Theories

There are several references to the time stone, both visual and other subtle hints that make implications at the parties trying to take control of the time stone and its powers. The two Strange(s) will battle each other amidst realities that will include an almost completely separate version of our very own avengers. We might see all the original avengers get a completely new origin story. Even THOR. Imagine a good Thor origin.

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