10 Things That Rey Can Do That Even Luke Skywalker Cannot

The Hero of the Galaxy is no more Luke Skywalker. It is Rey of the planet Jakku. She led the movement against The First Order, effectively crippling their leadership and giving the Resistance a fighting chance at saving the Galaxy far, far away. And if you still think Rey ain’t got nothing on Luke, we present 10 Things that Rey could do that even Luke Skywalker couldn’t to change your mind.

She beat the Villain on her first try

Luke met Darth Vader in Empire Strikes back. Vader was quick to show who is boss in that fight. Luke escapes from Tatooine with one less limb. Rey met Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens. They fought in Starkiller Base. But Rey did defeat Kylo without any training and on her very first try.

She can use the Force without any training

Luke had a movie worth of training before he could use the Force to guide the proton torpedo and destroy the Imperial Super-weapon. Rey has spent her entire life on a desolate junkyard of a planet. But she could use the Force from the very beginning. She Force pulled Luke’s Lightsaber into her hands and could stop Kylo from probing her mind.

She had Force Visions way before Luke Skywalker ever did

In Maz Kanata’s Palace, we see Rey finally getting hold of Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber. As soon as she touches it, she has a Force Vision. We are still not sure if it is the past, present or future she is seeing. But she did have it. Luke realized he could use the Force to see the Future much later in his training. Rey did that from the very beginning.

Rey doesn’t let Anger get the best of her

Luke almost fell to the Dark Side while trying to fight Darth Vader in Return of The Jedi. He even chopped of Vader’s hand just to get back at him for chopping his own. Rey also has a lot to be angry about. She was abandoned by her parents and the Hero she looked forward to turned out to be a disappointment. But she kept herself together.

She suffered torture twice

Luke also didn’t have it easy. But at least he hadn’t gone through torture the way Rey did. When Palpatine used Force Lightning to torture Luke, he begged for Vader to stop him. Rey was tortured twice – Once by Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens and the second time by Snoke in The Last Jedi yet she never ever begged for mercy like a coward.

Rey sees the good in Kylo when Luke cannot

Kylo Ren is a troubled fellow. But his reasons for joining the Dark Side are somewhat justified. The guy’s own uncle tried to kill him in his sleep. Even after all these years, Kylo still has some humanity left in him. Luke never saw it. Rey is probably the only sentient being in the Galaxy who realized Kylo could be redeemed.

She could take care of herself on Jakku

Luke Skywalker was bit of a snowflake and a novice at watching out for himself during the start of the Original Trilogy. It was Obi-Wan who saved him from the Sand People. Rey is a capable fighter even before she held a Lightsaber. She singlehandedly defeated multiple of Unkar Plutt’s goons who were trying to steal BB-8.

She has defeated Luke in Combat

When Rey finds out about Luke and Ben’s dreaded past in The Last Jedi, the fans are in for one hell of a surprise. Both master and apprentice lock themselves in a brief Force combat. But it is Luke who tastes the mud, quite literally. Rey also defeated her own master in a staff fight. That is no small feat.

She is a better student

During Luke’s apprenticeship with Yoda, the former’s terrible student skills came to light. He was headstrong, stubborn and hotheaded. He even left his training midway with Yoda and tried to take on Vader himself. Rey is a proficient student. She quickly picks up skills of the Jedi and even inspires her stubborn mentor to come back to the light.

She has a much stronger connection to the Force

We really wanted not to believe this one. But it is indeed true. Luke did show crazy Force powers in The Last Jedi. But they were nowhere near as good as Rey’s. The Thing about Rey is that she could do things with the Force with only mere days of training that took Luke Skywalker an entire lifetime. She could communicate with Kylo across vast distances and even see where he is and what he is doing. That is Force-time, folks!! We are sure given enough time Rey could even project herself across the Galaxy like Luke did in The last Jedi.

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